Book Review: Isla’s Oath by Cassandra Page

23460338Title: Isla’s Oath

Author: Cassandra Page

Format/Length: eBook/234 pages

Publisher/Date Published: January 20th 2015/Turquoise Morning Press

Category/Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal

Source: Netgalley — thank you!!

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Description: Isla is determined to understand her heritage and control her new abilities, but concealing them from those close to her proves difficult. Convincing the local fae she isn’t a threat despite her mixed blood is harder still. When the dazzling Everest arrives with a retinue of servants, Isla gets her first glimpse of why her mother’s people are hated … and feared.

But Isla isn’t the only one with something to hide. Someone she trusts is concealing a dangerous secret. She must seek the truth and stop Everest from killing to get what he wants: Isla’s oath.

Isla’s Oath was a strong follow-up to Cassandra Page’s debut novel, Isla’s Inheritance. Again, though, I do have to say that my enjoyment of this novel was hindered by the fact that – for me, as a book reviewer and reader – the paranormal genre is currently a tough genre to conquer because a) there is so much of it already out there, and b) for me, the genre has lost some of its appeal. Paranormal is now a genre I’m very… wary and unsure of.

I Dunno

That aside though, when you strip back the weary genre, you’ll find a really good novel.

I believe Cassandra Page’s strength is in her prose. Because damn, it’s just so addictive. There were points in the novel where I felt like I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough. She has such an easy style of writing to read. That saying, I wish we’d gotten a deeper glimpse into the faery world, though there is still another book in the series to come, which I know I’ll snap up as soon as I’m able. This leads me to my next point, characters.

After prose, I’d say characters are the author’s second strongest point. Especially Isla. I thought she was an extremely likeable character – with a side cast of loveable characters that add colour, humour, and wit to the story (especially Sarah; she was awesome.) Also? Unlike most YA paranormals out there, the romance side of things didn’t dominate completely over the story, which I liked; however, I thought this aspect was a little bit of a double-edged knife. Yes, I liked that the story wasn’t focused on the romance. But neither did I feel that enough time was spent on developing these character’s romances (I won’t say who – just for people who don’t like even the mildest of spoilers) to make it appear believable to the reader.

And so, my thoughts to the romance were a little… Eh.

My feelings about the plot aren’t going to be long – because once more, my feeling of “meh” towards it was because of the overdone Paranormal genre. Other people though, who haven’t read as much of that genre as I have, could enjoy the main faery storyline better than I did.

Regardless, I liked this novel.

Maybe even more than the first.

30 rock animated GIF

To those who read it: YA Paranormal fiction — has it had its time?


8 thoughts on “Book Review: Isla’s Oath by Cassandra Page

  1. I haven’t read book one, but this one sounds pretty good actually even with me not being into fairies. I’ve never had much luck with them in the past, but it sounds pretty mild. Pity the romance wasn’t really working though. Paranormal really is overused, so I can imagine it’s hard to find new reads that break out of the tired genre. Might check this one out.

    Brilliant review Kara and loving the new template! <3

  2. This sounds like quite a lovely novel, Kara! TBH, I am getting sick of the paranormal genre but awesome writing? I’d still be curious to give this series a go.

    Lovely review, hun <33

  3. Oh man I remember binging on YA Paranormal (gooshh) back in 2012 (that’s three years ago now, holy freakin’ moly!). Time sure does fly by. Anyway I know what you mean about the “meh” of Paranormal – I don’t see myself getting back into it (even though it’s been three years) so yeah, despite how awesome it’s doing I don’t see myself reading it much. XD

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