Friday Photography (8) The Sunset Edition

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Hello! It’s Friday, so here is another edition of Friday Photography . . . but this time, it consists of only sunsets. A little while ago I literally took about a hundred of them while watching the sun go down across the water, with the silhouette of the city in the background. And here were my favourites! I haven’t titled them this time, but numbered them; they’re pretty much in order of the sun going down in various stages.

















How beautiful are sunsets!?

(Also, if you’re wondering what the black dots are in number six, don’t ask. Because I don’t know. As soon as the sun went down these little flying things literally came out of nowhere.)


17 thoughts on “Friday Photography (8) The Sunset Edition

  1. Haha they might have been bats :P Omg Kara, these are so beautiful! I love, love loveeeee sunsets so much and you have captured the exquisite beauty of them in only eight photos. Keep up the great work, it’s lovely to see Sydney captured in such splendid beauty :)

  2. These are stunning photos Kara – you’re so talented! Sunsets are beautiful to look at on their own, and capturing them from a lens like you have makes it even more special :)

  3. THEY ALL LOOK AMAZING! Okay, now I make a pledge to see as many sunsets as possible (since the days are becoming longer). They all look beautiful!

  4. OMG Kara, these are absolutely stunning! Seven is absolute perfection. The silhouettes, the skyline. I’d love to have something like that on my walls in canvas (but the Melbourne skyline of course). You should be selling these Kara, you’d make a fortune. Thanks so much for sharing, I look forward to FF’s <3

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