Writerly Post Wednesday: This Is What Happens When Kara Gets Bored

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So I was wondering . . . how many words have I ever written? I know, a weird thing to think of, but I was curious — and a little bored — so I thought I would compile a Word Document of every novel I’ve ever written. This probably isn’t everything I’ve ever written, because a lot of it I’ve lost, or was handwritten. So, dumroll . . .














Tell me: If you’re a writer, how many words have you / do you think you’ve written?

I’d love to know. :)


28 thoughts on “Writerly Post Wednesday: This Is What Happens When Kara Gets Bored

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of words… I think mine wouldn’t be that much because I have a terrible habit of deleting unfinished stories that just aren’t working and the regretting it later.

  2. Gosh, that’s amazing! How many novels have you written?!? Also, I read somewhere that a million words worth of writing is the amount of words you need before you completely master writing. If I’m only counting the first drafts of novels, then I’ve written only about 75k, but I’ve also written a lot of words of blog posts, short stories and essays, etc.

  3. That’s quite a collection of words! I tend to write a lot of early drafts out longhand, and then I decide the story’s not going how I wanted it to and I leave it on the back-burner until I feel it’s right. Of course this means that I have a lot of half-written things that aren’t typed, and even more that were lost in the great computer crashes of more years than I want to admit (I have a very crappy computer and still haven’t acquired an external hard drive!).
    If I ever get more of my half-written ones typed I’ll probably end up counting the words too. It’s a cool thing to know. Is this just novels or are you including short stories/composition pieces too?

    • Wow, I commend you! Longhand!? There is no way I could write a novel like that. Sometimes I write bits and pieces down in notebooks, but really, that’s all. This was just my novels. If it included bits and pieces and short stories and other things it probably would have longer. :)

      • Yeah, I find it more personal to write it longhand first. Even if it’s just my first draft. The novel I’m working on now, I wrote out the first and second draft longhand (the second one was probably a mistake, but hey!), and when I typed it up I realized it was 94,000 words.
        I wish I had a way to count up all the words I’ve ever written longhand. That would be an interesting number.

  4. UHM HOLY CRAP. WOW KARA YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN OR SOMETHING. I don’t think I’ve written that many words in my whole life. O.O

  5. This is amazing, congratulations. I’ve written a lot but I have no idea how many words and don’t really have time to check. Plus, when I was a teen I wrote a lot of stuff by hand and there is no way I’m going to try and count those.

  6. Wow! That’s incredible! I know for sure I haven’t written as much as you have – possibly in the 100,000s…maybe? It’s so hard to keep track of it all! BUT A MILLION WORDS? WHOA. :D

  7. OMG. OMG THIS IS AMAZING YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO 1 MILLION!!! According to my rough calculations, all my drafts add up to 1,017,000….not including copious rewrites and any half-fledged ideas. XD omg, that feels like a lot. 5 years worth of writing. o.O

  8. WOOOOOW!!! You’re so close! I used to write a lot, but I dont think I’ve written as much as you have. I usually start things but never get around to finishing it? Haha…that dedication…:P

    I hope you get to 1million soon!!! What an achievement <3

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