Friday Photography (9)

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Hello to another edition of Friday Photography! I haven’t done much photography lately, so today’s post is comprised of a miss-match of photos from this year and last.


photpg 1

“Multi-Coloured Flowers”

photpg 2

“Blue Petals”

photpg 3

“Raindrop Rose”

photpg 4

HAPPY FRIDAY! Which ones are you favorites? :)


9 thoughts on “Friday Photography (9)

    • Blue petals, is that a hydrangea? So incredibly pretty/ Love love love the multicolour dainty flowers above though. They’re the same shades as a frangipani, I’ve never seen those before. Are they in your garden at home? I was hoping you could ask mum, or a random gardener in your street if they know what they are. Oh oh, do you have a photo of the whole plant?

      I love these Kara, they bring out the gardener in me <3 Beautiful work.

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