Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (52) Kangaroos, Beaches, and Kara is Finally Reading The Raven Boys

Sunday weekly wrap up

Note: If this post takes awhile for you to load, hang in there! It contains lots of pictures. :)

  • I left the interwebs for a few days to travel further down south with my family, which was a) a nice beak from everything, b) a great opportunity to take pictures, and c) a good time for some nice, quiet reading time.
  • I discovered that the South Coast was pretty much the land of Kangaroo Shit and Pretty Beaches. No, really.


  • Literally everywhere you looked, there was a kangaroo. Or something not-so-pleasant that it had left over. After awhile though you just conceded into the fact that you were, at least once, going to step into something you’d rather not.


  • Adorable, huh? They were freakishly tame, too — you could go right up to them and they’d hardly blink an eye. (Not that I got too close; I didn’t fancy getting into a boxing match with one of them.)
  • There was also a surprising amount of other wildlife at the place we stayed, including parakeets. Like this cute little fella. This one wasn’t camera-shy at aaaaaaaaaaalll. (Honestly I think he was pandering for some food.)


  • But, back to the beaches, here were some of my favourite snaps:



  • And then there was this GORGEOUS blue-water white-sand beach. SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT IT!


DSC_0202 DSC_0225

  • And this was what the lake looked like at the place we stayed; it didn’t always look like this, but when the tide went in (or out — I can’t remember which, now) it was so clear you could literally SEE the fish swimming about.

DSC_0162 DSC_0135



  • But — back to more bookish things, I’ve finally started reading The Raven Boys. As I’m writing this post I’m only 100 pages or so in, but am enjoying it. I haven’t yet read that Oh-my-god-this-is-why-everyone-raves-about-it point yet… but I hope I’ll get there.
  • Books read this week: School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins; Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas; Shimmer by Paula Weston; Exquisite Captive  by Heather Demetrios; The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead; After by Anna Todd.

PicMonkey Collage

  • Currently reading: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater.

What happened this week on the blog?

First week of March — and I’m already seeing some brown-edged leaves. How has your week been?


14 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (52) Kangaroos, Beaches, and Kara is Finally Reading The Raven Boys

  1. I love visiting the beach because it’s so pretty and always a ton of fun. Probably the best beach I’ve ever been to was Clearwater Beach during a family vacation. The sand was white, I found a few sand dollars, the water was clear (hehe), the sunsets and sunrises were gorgeous, and I just really got to relax for once. I have never been to a beach with kangaroos before, though. It sounds so awesome (and slightly terrifying) to see random kangaroos hanging out everywhere.

  2. THAT BEACH IS BEAUTIFUL. Every autumn holidays we used to go up the north coast to a nice beach place and stay there for a week – ever since I was little :) We’re not this year but it still holds great memories.

    Glad you’re liking The Raven Boys – I’m about to start it soon!

  3. Beach looks so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just feel like jumping in and tanning. I’m kind of sad summer’s ended but at the same time I’m excited cuz JEANS AND SWEATER WEATHER!!!!!
    Just finished Blue Lily, Lily blue and all my feels as tangled up in one confused web. I had reread both Raven Boys and Dream Theives cu I couldn’t remember a lot of the details. So excited when you finally get into it!

  4. Your photos are gorgeous. This beach looks so beautiful, sounds like you had a great time, and you read some great books. Heir of Fire was amazing. Did you enjoy it? I hope you like Shimmer too, this is one of my fav series that involve angels.

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful time Kara, you don’t even know how much I laughed when you talked about all the kangaroo shit hahaha :P Yay Raven Boys! I need to start that series as well…one of the many on my long list eep

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