Series Review: Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

PicMonkey Collage Title/s: Burn for Burn, Fire With Fire, Ashes to Ashes

Author: Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

Format / Length: Paperback / 358, 517, 387 pages respectively

Publisher / Date Published: Simon & Schuster / September 18th 2012, August 13th 2013 September 16th 2014 respectively

Category / Genre: Young Adult / Contemporary . . . with light paranormal undertones. Don’t worry. You’ll know what I mean when you read it.

Source: Library

| Burn for Burn, Fire With Fire, Ashes to Ashes on Goodreads|

Description: Postcard-perfect Jar Island is the kind of place where nobody locks their doors at night, where parents can sleep easy, knowing their daughters are tucked away safe and sound in their beds. But bad things can happen, even to good girls . . . and sometimes, the only way to make things right is to do something wrong. Lillia used to trust boys, but not anymore. Not after what happened this summer. And she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her little sister from the same fate. Kat is over the rumors, the insults, the cruel jokes made at her expense. It all goes back to one person–her ex-best friend. Someone needs to teach her a lesson, and, with Lillia and Mary behind her, Kat feels up to the task. Four years ago, Mary left Jar Island because of a boy. But she’s not the same girl anymore. Now that she’s got friends who have her back, he’s going to be in big trouble. Three very different girls who come together to make things right. Will they go too far?

The best thing about this series was that it remained consistently good throughout the entirety of the series. And also? It’s about revenge.

I dare you to not like a good revenge tale.

(Oh please. You must have realized that there would be at least one “Revenge” gif in here.)

To sum up these novels in one word: Revenge. Each girl has been wronged, and each girl wants to get back at the person who wrong them. Well . . . I can’t see that going wrong. Can you? (Please note that sarcasm is metaphorically dripping from my voice right now.) But even the best-laid revenge plans go awry — don’t they? These novels are everything I could have wished for. Strong, female characters with grew thoroughly during the series; wonderful, easy-to-read writing; and an engaging storyline that left me wanting more. (Especially at the end of book 2. Definitely a WTF moment there, people.)

If you’re too lazy to read the rest of the review, I found this brilliant gif which pretty much sums up everything:

revenge animated GIF

(Okay, last “Revenge” gif. I promise.)

So, yes, overall I loved this series. BUT. (There is always a BUT.)

It’s very . . . drama-y. Okay, let me clarify that: I love drama. Drama is good. Do you know how many times I’ve watched and re-watched Pretty Little Liars? A lot. And if that show isn’t the epitome of drama, then I don’t know what is. So I love drama. But sometimes . . . sometimes it becomes a little TOO MUCH. Which if fine. The drama works WELL in this. I’m just not really a teen-drama-y sort of person. And that is okay.

Because overall? SUCH a good series. I need to read these authors’ other books.

Teen drama in books . . . what do you think? How much is too much? Also: let’s talk co-writing! I love it when authors do this, but I don’t think that I — as a writer — could do it (well.) But for all the writer’s out there, could you? Have you? I’d love to read about your experiences!


12 thoughts on “Series Review: Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

  1. I recently read this series and I just feel… I enjoyed it but the ending just felt really anticlimactic, like the conclusion didn’t feel complete. I agree on the whole teenybop drama element but I was kinda expecting that from the covers and description. When it’s done in moderation I think it definitely makes the plot feel more authentic because, well, teenagers are super dramatic. I did love the writing style though so it has peaked my interest in reading at least some of Jenny Hans other books!

    • Oh, the writing style was wonderful, wasn’t it? And yes, I do tend to agree about that ending. I don’t think I mentioned it in my review but you’re spot-on. I definitely thought it had a “realistic” ending — but also a little meh when it came down to everything that had happened. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I’ve actually never seen Pretty Little Liars, not a full episode anyway. Caught the end of one on Fox 8 once and it looked too Gossip Girl, but not as likable. I love a good mystery and revenge and there aren’t many of those around really. The series sounds fabulous though, despite the angst and drama. Lovely review Kara, I’m sold and going to hunt down a copy of book one this weekend <3

  3. Ooh I am curious about these books after seeing them around the interwebs – it’s great to hear that you enjoyed them! I do love some seedy revenge-like drama in a novel, but not when it’s toooo over-the-top unbelievable. Even so, this series looks like I’d probably enjoy. Thanks for the wonderful review :)

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