Friday Photography (13)

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Friday Photography is the segment where I showcase bits and pieces of my recent photography.

This week it has been rainy, rainy, rainy . . . which is fantastic, because a) that’s great reading weather, and b) presented me with plenty of opportunities to take some pictures. (Which I have been lacking lately.)

“Pink & Green”






“Beaded Webs”

(So — I debated whether or not to post this picture, because I thought it might’ve looked a bit “plain” but I just loved how the waterdrop fell to the centre of the web.)


That’s a wrap on this week’s Friday Photography. And I discovered that I love taking pictures when it’s been recently raining, and so, a question I pose for any photographers out there: Favourite weather / time of day to take pictures?


31 thoughts on “Friday Photography (13)

  1. I love the pink and green picture! I’m not much of a photographer, but I think that nature always looks especially beautiful right after a rain storm.

  2. I really liked those pictures! My favorite was “falling”. I wish I can capture these kinds of images but the photos I took was mostly books and faces. XD

  3. I loved the last one – although plain that drop of water really does make the web something else (it looked like a pearl).

  4. Rainy weather certainly makes for nice pictures! I love all these close-up pictures you make, you’re a great photographer! I think that last one is my favourite, it might be simple, but also realy powerfull with how the only thing you see is that lone raindrop.

  5. Beautiful drawings! Echoing some of the comments down here, I love the last one as well. It feels so… delicate and fragile and yet somehow sturdy because that drop of water is just holding on to that string-like-thingy. Haha. Beautiful work, babe! :)

    Faye at The Social Potato

  6. Those hibiscus look absolutely gorgeous Kara, that bright pop of colour on a really dreary day. But that raindrop on a spider web, my goodness. That’s absolutely stunning! You’ve got such an incredible eye for detail. I love how the raindrop is the sole focus of the shot and the background is just a green blur. So simple, yet so incredibly pretty. Absolutely LOVE this weeks shots Kara, beautifully done <3

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