Writerly Post Wednesday: Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write


Like evert writer, I have periods of time where I just have no motivation to write. So, I thought I would put together a list of hopefully helpful tips that I’ve gathered.

DSC_05271. Give yourself a deadline!

Back last year I even blogged about this. But to sum it up, deadlines can be helpful (for some people — maybe not for everyone.) I find that having a set time within to write something very motivating. Also? Rewards yourself if you meet your deadline, but don’t self-punish yourself if you don’t.

2. Seek some inspiration.

Pictures, movies, shows, whatever it is that inspires you, take that and use it to motivate yourself to write. Sometimes, you just CAN’T wait for inspiration to find you. You have to find it.

3. Connect with other writers!

This is particularly a great one if your non-DSC_0529online friends aren’t writers. Finding people with the same interests as you will help motivate you to write more.

4. Find out the root of what is making you unmotivated.

Maybe you’re stuck. Maybe you know what you want to write but don’t know how to write it. Maybe you want to write but are worried it’s no good. Whatever the problem is, figure that out and search for a way around it.

DSC_05385. Just WRITE.

Seriously! Just. Write. Don’t think about it. Especially in the first-draft stage, don’t worry about things that are likely to sap you of your motivation to write. Write — and fix it later.

Now it’s your turn! What are your tips when it comes to staying motivated?


26 thoughts on “Writerly Post Wednesday: Five Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write

  1. Hey Kara! Nice to meet you. :) I actually have a playlist that I listen to that motivates me to keep writing. I also noticed that if I don’t write for like a day or so, that makes my next writing time NOT FUN and stressful. Also, I’m a part of a Twitter writing group and we keep each other motivated. :)
    Love the advice and it’s something that all writers should keep in mind. :)

  2. Brilliant tips! One of mine is visualising where I want to be writing-wise in the next five years. Sure gets me started with the writing once more (fantasising about fame and fortune does that to you I guess). :D

  3. Music inspires me to write. There are songs that after I listened a million times to inspiration just pops in my mind. Sometimes people watching inspires me too. You know how you put dialogue in your mind about people you watch? Yeah, it might sound creepy but sometimes it works for me. :)

  4. Ooh, these are awesome tips! I would say that some of my best determination tips are set small goals. Write for an hour, then get a five minute break. Write another hour, get a fifteen minute break. Then go back to the five minute break. Keep small, manageable rewards to keep on track!

  5. I usually just write on a whim, so I’ve never actually given myself a deadline (no wonder I’ve never gotten past 2k words)… Heh. I should really start doing that. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration, at least for me. I like seeing a lot of artistic photos all in one go, so I stalk lots of Pinterest boards for this. :) Awesome tips, Kara!

  6. THESE ARE GREAT. I need these. Hehe, I’ve been so unmotivated for writing this year, gah, it’s sucky all round. But a great thing to get myself motivated, I find, is to head to pinterest and just pin concept art and things. It really works for me to see visuals! Like, um, guess where I’ve been all evening “plotting” my new book?! HAH AH. *glares at self* I need to actual write some of my ideas down before they escape, but a pinterest board is half the battle right?! ;-) *scuttles off to focus on plotting*

  7. What awesome and really productive tips for not only authors, but even bloggers, reviewers or anyone that’s studying and can’t find the motivation or inspiration to get an assignment done. Even when it comes to reviews, I find by far my biggest de motivator is being tired. Once you’re tired, then it’s up shit creek from there. Life is so much easier when you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed, as your mum would say. Great post Kara, no doubt you’ll help many a budding author <3

  8. Honestly, I have no idea what’s stopping me from writing but I don’t think i’ve written a word for like two months now. It’s terrifying because I want to finish that MS! I just don’t know how. I want to use #5 the most because once I start, I know that I just keep going (:

  9. I’m not a writer, but I feel like these tips can apply to my review writing too! Deadlines definitely help in terms of having a set goal of when to finish off a review- e.g. writing an ARC review before the release date (or at least somewhat close haha). And even number 5- sometimes I’ll just write out a list of random dotpoints like “good characters” or “bad pacing”, and then expanding on those points gets me started on the review :)

  10. Awesome tips, Kara. I agree with them all. Sometimes you just have to write, even if you don’t feel like it. I find that some days I don’t want to write, but I’ll write anyway, It doesn’t take me long to start enjoying it and then I don’t want to stop. Another trick I find handy if you are stuck is to put that project and work on something else for awhile. Like a short story, or another book or just free write. Sometimes you just need to step away from something to see where you are going wrong.

  11. I found myself reading this and totally nodding along. #4 is a great tip. Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated or stuck, I like to just take a page in my notebook and write down exactly what the anxiety/worry is that’s keeping me from working — like, “I feel like this scene is boring” or “I’m worried I didn’t set up enough for the conflict that’s about to happen.” Because a lot of time, things are percolating under the surface that you just won’t admit to yourself! Once you put it all out there, you can examine your insecurities and figure out a way to solve the problems, like you said!

    All in all, great post! I’m totally going to pimp it out on Twitter. :)

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