Friday Photography (14)

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Friday Photography is the segment where I showcase bits and pieces of my recent photography.

“Gold & Red”


“Red & Gold #2”






That’s all for this week — hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll have some autumn-themed posts up!


15 thoughts on “Friday Photography (14)

  1. Beautiful photos as always Kara! I love the ‘blossoming’ one – it looks like it holds such hope and colour.

  2. “Hidden” is my favorite from this batch! I kind of love how the colors/tone are a bit eerie, which works really well with the photo title. :)

  3. Oh wow pretty! Really like the second Red and Gold one- the blur of the background really accentuates the sharp colour of the flower :)

  4. Marigolds! You know you can get an edible variety now. No idea what you cook with them, they look like they’d taste revolting. I absolutely love the one titled ‘hidden’, those petals really jump off the page don’t they, so soft. Absolutely beautiful Kara, breathtaking! <3

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