Friday Photography (15) Winter Is Coming . . .

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Friday Photography is the segment where I showcase bits and pieces of my recent photography.

Har har. See what I did with that title?

Anyway, this week is an autumn-themed week. I took these photos last week — this week in Sydney it’s been freakishly rainy, so I haven’t had the opportunity to take more recent ones. Here we go!



“Lonesome Leaf”

“Red, Gold & Orange”




“Watching Me Fall”


Isn’t autumn lovely? Have you taken any photographs lately?


24 thoughts on “Friday Photography (15) Winter Is Coming . . .

  1. THESE ARE GREAT, KARA. I’ve mostly been taking bookish photos for blog posts in between exams. Spring is here in India- it’s what I call t-shirt temperature, and you make me miss my favourite season. Autumn. It took me far too long to work out that winter is coming is from aSoIaF and not Marissa Meyer’s Winter. It was last week, actually. Both are good, I guess…

  2. Autumn? HA. I would love autumn. It’s going to be, like, 30 again on the weekend where I live. -_- WHAT EVEN IS THIS. Usually it’s freakishly freezing at this time of year, but apparently we’re having summer’s last hurrah. -_-
    ANYWAY I LOVE THESE. Particularly the second from the bottom one. x)

  3. I love ‘watching me fall’, my goodness you’re so stinking talented Kara, such an eye for detail and beauty. I tried taking a few Kara-esk type photos this week of random objects, my goodness, they were absolutely crap. I’d best leave it to your talent. Winter’s already here in Melbourne, we’ve had to put the ducted on every night, it’s just been that cold. It’s going to be freezing this year, my poor plants are already covered in a light frost in the mornings. Lovely snaps Kara, can’t wait until next week’s edition <3

  4. I wish I could take photos as good as yours – my photography doesn’t always turn out how I would like. I wish it was still Autumn where I live; its warmed up and I hate it! I like the cold weather and I love the rain!

  5. It’s so weird to see you posting autumn pictures, while here summer is coming and the trees are finally starting to bloom again. I love both spring and autumn because of the changes, both are beautifull seasons. I love how all the leaves have such pretty colours in autumn. Great pictures!

  6. Ooh gorgeous pics! I love how you can turn just a few leaves into something so amazingly beautiful.

  7. Oh my goodness! I love the colours!!! Great pictures! And I’m loving that Winter is coming. YES!!! Jeans, sweaters, beanies, coats, boots, woolly socks. I am so excited!

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