Friday Photography (16)

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Friday Photography is the segment where I showcase bits and pieces of my recent photography.

This week, I came across those peacocks again — this time with my camera. They were terribly difficult to photograph but I managed to take a few snaps I enjoyed.








What do you think of today’s photographs? And aren’t peacocks’ feathers just BEAUTIFUL!?


34 thoughts on “Friday Photography (16)

  1. You get to see WILD peacocks in Australia? That’s it. I’M MOVING. The photographs are just stunning. :D
    But now Leonard Peacock, Forgive Me keeps barging into my head.

  2. I love peacocks. There’s one living at my exotic pet vet down the block until it recuperates. I walk by him every day and take a gazillion pictures. He used to be shy, but now he stands right at the window letting everyone see him in all his glory. Peacocks are awesome. Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Peacocks are such beautifull creatures and your pictures look awesome. I am glad you had your photocamera with you this time. I think the “YEAH, I’M LOOKING AT YOU“ is my favourite picture. Their feathers are really pretty!

  4. Wow – just goes to show how natural beauty can really come through when paired with fabulous photography. Stunning work Kara!

  5. Where did you find these gorgeous birds? And they are aren’t they? When I was a kid I tried chasing a peacock and scaring it with my little sister in order for it to flip out its tail feathers. However that peacock must have been too used to little humans trying to one up it so it just ignored us. :)

  6. Oh wow, just WOW! I’ve actually never seen a peacock up close before, only ones wandering around the Melbourne Zoo, and those never seem so vibrant and full of life. Where were these? I can’t stop looking at those little heads, those bodies seem huge in comparison. Absolutely stunning Kara, I’m just going to stare at these a while longer. Do you have any more?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this weeks edition <3

    • THANK YOU THANK YOU! <3 I saw these ones wandering around a pub. A PUB. Hah. I think perhaps they belonged to someone? I can't say for sure. I DO have more of them, but most are blurry; they move really jerkily so it was hard to get a clear shot. These are the best I thought.

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