Blogging Consistency | How Often Do You Blog?


Today I am posing two questions for you: How often do you blog? And how often should you blog?

I started off blogging terribly inconsistently — perhaps once, twice a month if I was lucky — before I started, without, fail, blogging every. Single. Day. And that was hard. Impossible, almost. I found myself scheduling crazy amounts of posts to keep up with my goal of blogging every single day… and then I realized I didn’t need to post every day.

If you want to, then sure — go for it! But it’s not necessary.


  • Readers understand if you can’t post every day. People have lives. School, work, leisure time.
  • Blogging is hard work,  but also fun. And I think it’s important to find a balance between those two things. And blogging every single day doesn’t guarantee you readers, either — it’s not how OFTEN you post, it’s WHAT you post. A lot of my interest in blogging every day was to gain new readers. But what’s the point if it becomes all too much?
  • Buuuuuut, wait a second, on the other end of the scale, that doesn’t mean you should be blogging to infrequently, yes? No. That’ll draw people away from your blog.

Ideally you should post often enough to keep readers interested, but infrequently enough to make them WANT MORE.


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This is why I’ve chosen for, roughly, three times a week. I’m not being strict with this though. Not at all. If I don’t think of content good enough to blog about or am too busy, or whatever the reason, really, then there’s no use in forcing a blog post. In saying that — here is a list of tips that might inspire you to post more reguarly!

  • Have a blog idea? Write it down! You would be shocked at the amount of ideas I’ve had at night, then forgotten them the next morning.
  • Schedule posts! Then you can have them done before hand. And not worry about it.
  • Post as often as suits your lifestyle. Some people will have more time on their hands, and might like to post more. But don’t beat yourself up if you are busy and can’t post.
  • And ENJOY IT. Well, duh, Kara, you’re thinking. Still — it’s an important one.

Your turn! How often do you post? And how often do you think you should be posting? Do you have any tips for blogging o share? Let me know!!

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54 thoughts on “Blogging Consistency | How Often Do You Blog?

  1. I’m definitely going to have to start blogging less once I get closer to HSC – even now I’m finding it hard to keep up! I used to post every day as well, but it got too overwhelming. I still post quite a lot (5 times a week) but for the moment it’s working for me :)

  2. Kara, girl I really wish I would have run across the post when I first started out and like you said, it’s not about HOW OFTEN you post it’s about WHAT you post. I too think the see times a week is plenty because we have lives and can’t always be in front of a computer. :) nice topic.

  3. It’s true: blogging is a lot of work, so it isn’t always possible to upload a post almost every day. I schedule my posts and usually post twice a week, but sometimes will post more if I have something that I want to go up more or less straight away. I suppose it’s all about what works for you – different people work differently.

    I have to write down ideas as well, to prevent myself from forgetting.

  4. Okay. So I’m supposed to be writing three blog posts for a week and I’ve been pretty successful with that in the past but recently I took two impromptu hiatuses, so my blogging consistency has faltered a bit. However, I am getting back into my normal schedule, so I think three posts a week won’t be too hard to achieve. I love scheduling my posts ahead of time by binge writing them in a couple of days so I can focus on commenting. And that also reduces the time I spend scrambling to write posts the day they go up.

    As for how much you should blog, I don’t think it matters as long as you are consistent.

  5. I’ve been trying to keep myself at 2-3 posts a week — quality over quantity! I want to be able to spend time on the posts that I make and not inundate the few followers that I have. I’m having to pace myself though, because I keep getting excited and posting things I could’ve held off and scheduled! Figuring out a posting schedule is a huge conundrum for me too — should I have certain days of the week devoted to certain topics? Should I only post MWF, or T and Thursday, or some other combination?? It’s easy to start stressing over, even though the answer is probably “lol who cares do what you want!!”

      • Posting whenever sounds like the best route to take — there’s no pressure to stick to a schedule, no worries if you don’t post so often, and you’re not stuck trying to think of a certain topic for ~themed days.

  6. Usually, I try to blog everyday with a few gaps here and there, but as the school year is drawing to a close, I find myself only being able to post once or twice a week because I’m so busy. But I think it’s all right. Like you said, instead of forcing posts, it’s better to focus on quality over quantity!

  7. I USED to think that I had to post everyday. it would be so annoying because I would post some half-written content and it wasn’t as good as I knew it could be because I just wanted to get ahead. I realized how wrong it was and quickly stopped. Now, i TRY to post 6 times a week but I won’t lose sleep if I post 4. It’s all about what I want to say, not the amount of posts, which is what I got from this post.

    LOVE IT! See, THIS is quality <3

  8. thanks so much for sharing my those tips! I used to blog often but having a really hard semestered is taking away too much of my free time for me to blog anymore

  9. Thanks so much for sharing those tips! I used to blog a lot more but had to spend more time on school now that I have such a hard semester

  10. When I first created my blog, I thought that I should post every day. I mean, new content is important, right? And I Tumblr-d every day, right? And people want content, right? HAHA. I soon realised that ti was IMPOSSIBLE to post content every day. Not only because I created my blog when I had nothing going on (hurrah for uni break!), but I also could not think of content that i would be PROUD of posting. I mean, memes … they’re not true content, are they? And I don’t mean that harshly, but I much prefer to post AND read original content.

    So then I decided that I would post on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Monday and Friday were reviews, Wednesday was a discussion, and Saturday and Sunday were memes. I got sick of this after a while, because when I cut out my Saturday meme, I had posts every two days EXCEPT when Sunday and Mondays posts backed up. So I changed to blogging every two days. Which I still do now! And I like it. My content is up for enough time for it to actually be VISIBLE and not overwhelm, but there’s also enough variety that if someone doesn’t want to read my most recent post (for reasons unfathomable to me OBVIOUSLY), then there’s content to choose from the recent past.

    I don’t think there is a “should” when it comes to blogging and how often you post. I think there’s a “what feels right” and “what fits”. I think posting content on the blog is most important to how it makes YOU feel as a blogger. It is your blog, after all!

    • I’m so with you there. I like memes, but I probably prefer original content. Both is good, but I also believe there should be a balance too. Agreed! Whatever works for your blog works, and so it’s best to go with that. Some people only post once a week. Which is fine if that suits their lifestyle and their blog. I post three or four times a week (including a weekly wrap up) because that is what I’ve found works for me as a blogger. :)

  11. SAME AS ME! I started blogging only once a month than I figured that blogging frequently was how to commit. It is so much time though! I also do around 3 times a week. The hard part is being up to date with all the reviews, matching the rate I read.

  12. Great post Kara, and one that I think we need to keep reminding each other about actually. I post every third day, every two if I’ve got quite a few reviews in draft and ready to go, otherwise they build up and I can’t post review copies until weeks after release. It’s been pretty consistent since I started blogging around 2 and a half years ago. But if I don’t have anything to post, I don’t post. I think bloggers feel the need to fill those spaces with memes or discussion posts and personally I don’t think it’s necessary unless you have something to say. I love discussion posts, but after a while the same topics keep being rehashed and I just don’t think we need to keep going over the same issues or discussions when it’s already all been said. I find it easiest to post every third day. I need those in between to visit other blogs, comment and still be able to have a life. When it comes to blogging, I think once a week is more than enough and I’d hate to think of any young blogger typing into the night just to have content to post and juggle that with school, work and socialising etc. I think foremost, we need to go back to blogging for ourselves and what works for us, rather than what we think is expected from us.

    Great topic Kara, I love hearing others opinions about blogging and what works for them <3

    • Thank you! <3 I'm with you there. If I don't have something to post then I'm not just going to post something for the sake of it. I just don't see the sense in that at all! Luckily that doesn't happen often, but forcing myself to blog when I don't want to isn't a step in the right direction at all.

  13. I try to post at least 3 times a week. For now, I don’t have the time to write more and be happy with the content I create at the same time. I think that’s most important, being satisfied with what you create. So however much you can post and still achieve this, that’s how often you should post I think!

  14. Amazing post, and i definitely agree with you! I used to force myself to post everyday or (if not) at least every 2 or 3 days. I think this pretty much stresses me out if I always have to force myself to post everyday. I mean, life gets in the way, and it doesn’t really matter how often I should post, right? :) Thanks so much for posting this, as I greatly appreciate it!!!

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books

  15. Great post! I used to feel a lot of pressure (although just never physically had time to blog more because of uni). I’m reviving my blog this year after a bunch of work-related things last year and have decided that once a week is manageable for me. I’ve started scheduling reviews and discussion posts for once a week, then adding a second blog post if there’s a review copy I really need to discuss on the blog. I’ve gotten to the stage where I just don’t care if people don’t like that I only post once a week – I mean, honestly I doubt anyone really cares about my blog haha. Anyway, I would prefer to have content I’m proud of over stuff I’ve rushed to get finished :)

  16. Fabulous post, Kara! I used to blog three times a week, but now that it’s summer here in our country, I blog every day because honestly I have nothing better to do. xD I’m sure that amount will lessen once school starts, though. And bloggers should definitely find the consistency that they’re comfortable with. There’s no need to sacrifice quality for quantity. :)

  17. Great post Kara! I actually post by instinct.I don’t have a schedule,I just type and post things as soon as I get the idea.But that’s not actually something I’d recommend though.It’s a bit of a messy process:)
    I think I should learn to schedule.That will make it easy for me to organise things!:)

  18. Great post, Kara! I think so many people get so incredibly stressed about this, and then they just end up posting junk to fill in the days. I think I’ve been guilty of that at one point over the years, but now I’m all over the place. If I have good content, I post, sometimes every day, maybe even twice a day. If I don’t, I can go a week without posting anything. Most of the time people don’t notice when you don’t post unless you bring it up. :D

  19. When I started blogging I realised I didn’t want to ‘date’ my content to early by posting everyday, and pushing all of my most recent posts down. I personally prefer to blog once every 2nd day, or about 4 times a week because I think blogging everyday would definitely be hard to keep up with and you’d be pressured to pump out content all the time. Great post lovely!

  20. Great post! Haha, everyone seems to blog some times a week, but I blog every day, and my goal is to blog twice a day. But, like you said it`s about WHAT you blog, but at the same time, I get disappointed when I stalk a blog and there hasn`t been any update for days. I go to school and have had a lot to do, but spending 30 minutes a day with writing has never been hard for me. If you love writing, you love it. ;-)

  21. I am sporadic now. Can’t help it. Life’s insane. I used to beat myself up about it because I liked schedules. I like things perfect. I like knowing. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that it was UNHEALTHY (FOR ME. Like it was ruining other aspects of my life). And well, my health comes first so now I do what I do and am so blessed to be part of the best community out there. yup now I’ll get soppy and sad and emotional in your comment box

  22. Your blog is so pretty, I love the bookish photography as well – I usually post 5 times a week, but lately I’ve been in a reading slump so I have done about 3-4 posts. Awesome post :)

  23. I use to be very consistent; every other day. Now that I’m more busy I try to write a lot of posts so I have a backlog and I post whenever I can. My goal is to have something up on the blog at least 2x a week. I think when you have build up a nice follower count it shouldn’t matter TOO much if you are regular poster (although there are limits. I think going from 3x a week to 1x a month might be a very big step, even for hardcore fans :p)

  24. I feel like this year with the HSC I am definitely blogging less because I just can’t find the time! I think that consistency is definitely an important factor, but trying your best to balance it with real life is key. Great discussion as always Kara :)

  25. My philosophy with this is Once A Week Minimum and Three Times A Week Ideally. When I started blogging, it was just going to be once a week, but then I realized that that was way less than I needed, which is why I bumped it up to three.
    Scheduling is a gift from God, and what kept my blog alive for my first two months at university. I literally wrote two months worth of posts in the three weeks before school started.

    But what I keep telling myself is that this is My Blog and My Bit of the Internet, and I can do whatever I want with it. It isn’t supposed to be a strain, it’s supposed to be fun! And when it becomes a strain, I try not to feel guilty about taking a blogging break.

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