The Heir || The Selection: Round 2

the-heirTitle: The Heir

Author: Kiera Cass

Format / Length: Paperback / 352 Pages

Publisher / Date Published: HarperCollins / May 5th 2015

Category / Genre: Young Adult / Light Dystopian

Source: Bought!

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Description: [Omitted due to spoilers . . . click the link above for a description.]

I must confess there were two main reasons I wanted to read this book.

  1. Beautiful dresses. (But this one totally goes without saying, right?)
  2. THAT COVER. (Again. Without saying, really.)

DSC_0588So yeah, maybe they were very vain reasons for wanting to read this one — but I had certain expectations of The Heir, after reading Kiera Cass’s previous The Selection series. (If you’re CONFUSED: The Selection series consists of three books; technically, it ends there, but The Heir follows the story of . . . Well. Spoilers.)

In short: I ADORE this series. It’s fluffy — but with some surprisingly tender and emotional moments throughout, with plenty of romance and drama, but, in saying that, I also have to say that the original The Selection books were my favourite.

Things I liked:

▪︎ The fact that I’d consider this “light” dystopian. Usually I prefer dystopian novels and fantasies to be fleshed out completely, with layers and layers of detail. The simple thing is that this novel didn’t NEED to be fleshed out with layers. These novel have enough worldbuilding for the story to work.


(I know. You totally didn’t see that one coming.)

▪︎ The continuation of a series I was sad to see go. (Although maybe a little unnecessary? Although it IS wonderful to see America and Aspen and Maxon all grown up and doing their thing.)DSC_0598

▪︎ I LOVE Kiera Cass’s writing style. It’s a pragmatic style that doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t.

▪︎ The names. I’ve loved this about all of Kiera Cass’s novels (why yes, I also did like the name “America”, but then again I’m not American; I don’t know how I’d feel about a character named Australia . . .) To give you some examples from The Heir: Ahren, Eadlyn, Hale, Erik. They’re different, but not strange.

But, all right . . . I didn’t love everything, and yes, The Heir (so far!) is not my favourite from the extended series.

Here’s why:

  • It took me a long time to warm up to Eadlyn. And still, now I’ve finished the novel, I can’t honestly say I’m a massive fan of her. I’m going to draw parallel’s between America and Eadlyn. America = humble; Eadlyn = not humble, and snooty. Yep. I went there.

DSC_0587(And I GET IT. I do. Eadlyn grew up royalty whereas America grew up poor. Eadlyn had everything handed to her on a silver platter (probably literally HAH), whereas America earned every penny she got. I like that sort of character better.)

In saying that she did improve. I just didn’t get her like I got/appreciated America more.

  • I thought . . . Well, I thought that some of the male Selected blurred together. Whereas, with the girls in the first three novels, they seemed a little more different from each other. HOWEVER. This is only the first in the extended series. I’m hoping during the next book will help flesh out some of the lesser characters. (Also: Does anyone know if there will be five overall books in the series? Or will Eadlyn’s books also be a trilogy?)

SO. LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. Should you read this book?

You should, if:

  • You like light dystopias
  • A fun, The Bachelor-esque plot
  • You’re looking for characters to love (and maybe even hate)
  • You’ve read and enjoyed The Selection series (though I wouldn’t recommend reading The Heir until you’ve read the previous three books . . . Unless you don’t mind being a touch confused and MAJORLY spoiling the original series for you.)

Have you read The Selection series? Love them? Or were you not fond of them? Discuss! And if you’ve read this one, then welcome! We now begin the almost unbearable wait to see what happens to . . . Well. You’ll know.

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26 thoughts on “The Heir || The Selection: Round 2

  1. I’ve read the FIRST book, but not the rest. And the second one is actually sitting on my TBR, but I haven’t had a chance to get around to it (you know how those pesky TBRs can be). I’m not a massive fan of the names in the first one – I hate Maxon and America – but I quite like Eadlyn :)

  2. I haven’t had the awesome chance to read this series event though everyone and and their mom has read them. Like Emily said, these are on my TBR shelf and I promise, I promise I am going to get to them one of these days. And since this is a continuation, but if course I’m going to dive into this one ♡♡

  3. Great review!
    I’ve read The Selection, but never finished the series. Now that I can get the other two in paperback, I plan on buying the rest of them and finishing the series soon,
    I’ve already been spoiled as to the plot of The Heir. But, if anything, it has made me want to finish to series more, :)
    I don’t mind being spoiled as far as love triangley things because I hate love triangles and I don’t want to waste my time if she doesn’t end up with my guy.
    Olivia @ Fluttering Pages

  4. I’ve heard some varying thoughts on this one Kara, which is why I haven’t picked it up yet, so it’s interesting to see how you’re kind of split down the middle here. It’s a shame that Eadlyn was portrayed as so snooty and arrogant. :| Needless to say, you’ve definitely got me thinking about this. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! <3

  5. I did find this one interesting. I didn’t ever LIKE Eadlen but did understand her. I agree- the writing style is very easy to read. I am going to read the last book, because I’m invested now. Some of the stuff that happened I thought she did overreact to. Thanks for the reveiw!
    Shanti @

  6. The dress + the cover = I will buy this book whether or not I’ll get around to reading it.

    I’ve only read The Selection and not yet the sequels, but from what I did read, I really enjoyed Kiera’s writing style as well.

    I *didn’t* like America in The Selection, so I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to handle her little one. She sounds like a spoiled snob, no thanks. And if all the guys in this are kind of blurred together… How am I supposed to pick a ship?? o.o

  7. I have never bothered with the series for other reasons not related to the book (I did read the first few pages, but I ended up not liking them that much… although I think if I continued, I would have loved it), but I do admit that the covers are lovely. I mean, The Jewel and The White Rose by Amy Ewing has pretty dresses too but nothing can really top The Selection’s dresses. I usually hate it when the cover has a gown in it, but it’s this series that I can look and say, “It actually looks awesome!”

    In any case, I read some reviews for this one and 8 times out of 10, the reviewers didn’t like Eadlyn at all, too. Too whiny, snooty, spoiled, although I feel she was meant to be that way, so I’m not really too worried about it as there will be inevitable character progress later on haha

    Faye at The Social Potato

    • You’re so right. NOTHING can top the dresses on these covers. ;) Yes, I really can’t imagine a lot of people liking Eadlyn . . . but hey, I’m going to keep an open mind. And that is VERY true, the more flawed the character, the more interesting the character development.

  8. I liked the original series, but felt it was pretty deceiving where it was marketed as a dystopian, but really wasn’t. It might have been originally, but having revolutionaries pop in on occasion to blow something up… Or have a cuppa. Yeah, not the revolution that I’d expected. I bought a copy of this one, but from all the reviews I’ve seen so far, including yours, no one has liked Eadlyn. No one. I hope the rest of the storyline can make up for it. But sadly going by all the other views, it looks like the series is now just one book too many.

    Wonderfully honest review Kara, really enjoyed it <3

  9. I’ve read the first three books of this series but, felt “meh” about them and have no intention to continue with this series, sadly. I just don’t see the point of having another Selection, especially when it’s America and her husband that decide to host it. I mean, since the Selection had caused so much distress back then, I thought she would’ve dissolve the Selection along with the caste system.
    The idea of having a main character that’s meant to be spoilt and whiny is really interesting to me though! She’s going to have interesting character developments for sure.

    • I can see where you’re coming from. Still, it was really interesting to see how the society tried to adapt to the non-caste system, and I think having another Selection makes more sense if you read it. I agree! I can’t wait for Eadlyn to grow some more — I think she could become a character I’d really like.

  10. OMG, I’ve been idolizing this cover for months. lol I enjoyed the Selection series, but I didn’t love it. I’m excited for this one though, I like the idea of a reverse of the selection. I love the name Eadlyn, it’s so pretty!

  11. This sounds like such a fun and light read! I did fairly enjoy the first three books so I’m sure I’d like this one as well. I’m really glad she decided to keep writing in this world. I really like it!

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