Friday Photography (17) In Which the Photography Drought Ends!

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Friday Photography is the segment where I showcase bits and pieces of my recent photography.

Roses & Skies


Autumn Leaves






Yeah… Haven’t Got a Title For This Weird Flower


Finally, some new photography! Luckily for me, although it’s winter, some trees still bear their autumn colours. (Hopefully they’ll stick around for awhile.)

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25 thoughts on “Friday Photography (17) In Which the Photography Drought Ends!

  1. Beautiful photos Kara – Autumn seems to be a fantastic season to get these stunning shots of flowers and the leaves changing colour..lovely. That rose – wow!

  2. What a fun feature! I always love autumn photography, and I find it extremely strange to see it at this time of the year, haha. I guess that’s what happens when someone lives on the other side of the world than me!

    Very cool!

  3. That rose! Bloody hell Kara, it looks incredible. You can see how soft the petals are. Amazing skills to be able to capture that kind of detail so intimately. You’re incredible Kara, your talent knows no bounds! <3

  4. THAT FIRST ROSE IS SO INCREDIBLE. WELL DONE, KARA. I LURVE IT. I love them all though. But, ya know, if we’re picking’s the Rose. <3

  5. Hey Kara! I haven’t been doing my rounds for a bit but seriously, these pics. You know the first and last flowers looked like they were made out of fabric, the rose had petals like satin. Great capturing these beauties Kara!

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