Friday Photography (18)

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Friday Photography is the segment where I showcase bits and pieces of my recent photography.

1 — Pink Flower

I actually dulled the colour purposefully on this one (it was freakishly bright) and was quite fond of the way it turned out.)


2 — Gold Sunset

It is literally impossible for me to look past a beautiful sunset and NOT take a picture of it.


3 — Pink and Gold

I loved the way the single petal was kind of just…drooping. A little sadly.


4 — Waterdrops

One of the BEST time to take photos: after the rain!


5 — Thorns

They look weirdly pretty.


Long time, no photography! Fingers crossed I’ll have some more photography next week. In the meantime, I joined Instagram!

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18 thoughts on “Friday Photography (18)

  1. These are simply stunning Kara! They’re all beautiful, and that pink flower/the golden sunset especially are so lovely to look at :)

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