Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (67) & Stacking the Shelves (47) || Instagram (Finally!), Martians, & Where on Earth Has July Gone?

You might’ve noticed I haven’t done a Sunday Weekly Wrap Up in a couple of weeks. I’ll probably be cutting down on the amount I do — probably one every two or so weeks. BUT, as you can imagine, I’ll probably have more frequent Stacking the Shelves, because, you know, apparently I can’t walk past a bookshelf (or a library) without walking into it. Speaking of, currently reading The Martian, and damn, it’s AWESOME. The main character is siriusly (har har har) hilarious and witty. Around halfway though and only am I grudgingly putting it down to write this post.

Other books read this week include: Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout | An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir | Blackbird by Anna Carey | Uprooted by Naomi Novik | Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott | Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry | Iced by Karen Marie Moning | (Favourite read definitely An Ember in the Ashes — I know there were some mixed reviews, but it was just so damn engaging I couldn’t put it down. Literally read it in one sitting.)


Aaaaaaaand I caved. I joined Instagram. It’ll take me a little while to used to. So, really, don’t expect anything really interesting from me there — probably just books. And most likely food. (But ESPECIALLY books.)

At the moment I’m currently plodding my way through some more Frayed revisions. But, thankfully, I’m finding these ones muuuuuuuch easier than the last round, and excitingly, these are the last Big Edits before copyediting. COPYEDITING. I am freakishly excited for nit-picky comma placement and whatnot. (If you’re curious: ARCs will most likely be out December.) Whiiiiiich brings me to my next point. It’s almost the END of July! WHERE ON EARTH HAS THE MONTH GONE? It’s almost August. Then in September — I’m off to the UK with family. Better start scheduling some blog posts!

Also, on a related note: would you want to read about my UK adventures here on the blog? (It’s sure to include loooooots of photos.)


This is the meme where you can highlight books you’ve bought/borrowed/gifted/received for review. You can read more on the meme and how to get involved here!


  • The Martian by Andy Weir
  • Gravity by Melissa West
  • Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Sublime by Christina Lauren
  • Salt & Stone by Victoria Scott

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Any of you lovelies on Instagram? What greatness have you been up to this week? Any newly acquired books? Also, if you haven’t I HIGHLY recommend reading AN EMBER IN THE ASHES (although not everyone has loved this one), and THE MARTIAN.

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (67) & Stacking the Shelves (47) || Instagram (Finally!), Martians, & Where on Earth Has July Gone?

  1. SO MANY FABULOUS BOOKS KARA! I absolutely loved everything you’ve gotten this week – especially The Martian, Gravity and Salt & Stone. Can’t wait to see what you think of all these and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! And yeah! So glad you finally got an Instagram! ;) Can’t wait to find you on there. xx

  2. Asdkgl I’m so glad you loved An Ember in the Ashes. I love that book so much <3 *high fives* I back Emily on this, I WANT TO READ ABOUT YOUR ADVENTURES. And ooh, congrats on the Insta acc Kara. Welcome to the madness :)

  3. I just bought An Ember in the Ashes yesterday and I can’t wait to read it!! I bet it’s really interesting making copyedits and ARCs for your book…and it would be great to hear about your adventures in the UK on the blog (perhaps because I live there I’m sightly biased, but I digress!).

      • I will, and thanks! I really hope you enjoy your visit to the UK – I think it’s a great place, if not pretty rainy on some occasions :) That being said, the weather in London’s always been sunny when we go there…not sure how that works but I’m glad that it does!

  4. You read many great books! I really want to read An Ember in the Ashes, Uprooted, and Nowhere But Here. All of them sounds amazing! December is pretty close. It must be amazing to see your book being published :D UK seems awesome! I’d love to read your UK adventures.

  5. AHH! Your photography is really awesome – your Instagram looks/will look amazing. :D Also, you. are. such. a. fast. reader. Do you read a book everyday?! That is totally a really cool superpower. XD *highfive* Ooh, ooh, and you’re going to the UK? HOW EXCITING! Have you ever been there before? Personally, I would *love* to hear about your adventures! :D

    Koko @ His Little Elephant

    • Haha. I actually *do* read a book a day — sometimes more. Just depends. Then again sometimes I don’t read for days at a time. Just depends on my mood. Nope, never been to the UK before, which is why I’m super super super super excited!! Gahh, hurry up September ;)

  6. YAY INSTAGRAM!!!! *rushes to follow you* Also yes and yes I want to read about your UK adventures. That sounds fabulous. And afjsdlkafd editinggggg. I’m dying with edits, but there’s considerably less pressure/push on these lot for me. hehe. :D *sends you copious amounts of editing chocolate* KEEP UP THE AWESOMENESS.

  7. Ooh, your reading The Martian?! It’s good isn’t it? I WANT IT SO BAD. Damn I need to visit some libraries (but I’m also in the middle of a few great reads and have a superb line up awaiting me so it’s like GAH).
    Copyediting sounds like one of those things you do to unleash the perfectionist inside. Haha, have fun (unleashing the perfectionist is very therapeutic me finds). OOH DECEMBER, WE HAVE TO WAIT THAT LONG?!
    So following you on Instagram!

  8. I really Liked Obsession. So interesting to get the Arum side of things! I’m excited for Nowhere But Here. I love Katie McGarry and I’ll be reading that one very soon. As much as I love Jennifer Armentrout, I’ve yet to start the Covenant series. Half-Blood is on my summer TBR, though, so I plan on correcting that soon. :)

  9. So happy to see you on Instagram, I mean we see your amazing photography here, now I can follow it freely! Whoopie! I know what you mean about these recaps, they take so long to do but they’re fun :) Good luck with the editing!

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