Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (69) & Stacking the Shelves (49)


I decided that this coming week will be the week of starting that new WIP. Which is simultaneously scary/exciting; I felt like I haven’t drafted anything new in AGES. And I haven’t, really. I’ve been working on Frayed lots (third round of revisions were even sent in a week or so ago, yay!), and before that, I’d been rewriting ANOTHER novel. So. While I’m usually a fast drafter, I’m getting the feeling it’s going to take me a little while to get back into the drafting rhythm. But I am super super super excited for this novel so I can’t WAIT to dive in.

Also!? I’ve officially read OVER 200 books this year. Phew.


Aaaand in other bookish news, the books read since last week: Dream a Little Dream by Kerstin Geir | Becoming Jinn by Lori Goldstein | The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen | Rook by Sharon Cameron | A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray |


I HIGHLY recommend both A Thousand Pieces of You and Rook. Especially Rook if you’re looking for a Post Apocalypticish novel NOT set in the United States.


This is the meme where you can highlight books you’ve bought/borrowed/gifted/received for review. You can read more on the meme and how to get involved here!


  • Alienated by Melissa Landers
  • Risk by Fleur Ferris


  • The End Games byT. Michael Martin
  • Fugitive X by Gregg Rosenblum
  • Remedy by Suzanne Young

Posts since last wrap up:

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August 18th — Authors I’ll Literally Buy Anything From || Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

August 19th — What Should I Read Next?

I’m a bit late with post… but better late then never, right? I believe I showed excellent restraint with book-borrowing this week. Let me know: acquire any delectable books this week? Read anything amazing?

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25 thoughts on “Sunday Weekly Wrap Up (69) & Stacking the Shelves (49)

  1. WAIT, WHAT?! YOU’VE ALREADY READ 200 BOOKS ALREADY?! Holy smokes, you are a reading machine, Kara! My goal is 150 books and I am EVEN 6 books behind. You seriously need to tell me your secrets to reading faster (especially since you’re even in the process of writing/rewriting a book… like what the heck, how do you do that?!!?? MASTER!!!)

    Faye at The Social Potato

  2. You have read 200 books this year? That is crazy! I wish I could read that many books in a year. I have a goal to read 125 and I am like 27 books behind or something so I need to boost my reading. But congratulations that is an amazing achievement.

  3. Woo! 200 books! Bloody hell Kara, you’re a reading MACHINE! MACHINE I tell you! I think I’m heading towards 110 books so far this year. I’m really started to slow down though, been sick this week so have read 50 pages in almost 5 days. Ooh, the new book sounds intriguing. Can you share a bit with us? I’ve actually got a copy of The End Games too, so really looking forward to seeing what you think of it <3

  4. AHHH I LOVE THE END GAMES SO MUCH. OMG I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE THAT ONE! :D I never see anyone reading it and fjaskdl it’s just so adorable and bloody. *ahem* Also congrats on 200 books. :D GO YOU! Especially balancing reading this much and tons of edits. I seem to only ever be able to focus on one or the other. XD
    And good luck with starting a draft! I kind of am planning to start one on Sept 1st. Except. My brain has started to construct A NEW IDEA and I’ve becoming obsessed with it and not the original idea and grahhhhh. NOT GOOD. The new idea isn’t ready to be written. -_- Writer-brains are fickle.

  5. 200 BOOKS?! GIRL, YOU’RE CRAZY. LEND ME YOUR EYES. But ooh, The Remedy! If you enjoyed The Program & The Treatment, Suzanne’s writing is still brilliant in this one. I totally need the second book!

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