Friday Photography (19)

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Friday Photography is the segment where I showcase bits and pieces of my recent photography. 

As I’m leaving for the UK in a few days (!!!!) I decided that this week, I’d share some inherently Australian photos… as for the next few weeks at least most of my pictures will be from England (or Scotland).

1 — How cool are the leaves on this one!?


2 — Typical Australian bush


3 — I couldn’t help but stop to take pictures of this gorgeous flower


4 — Is this not the cutest thing you’ve seen all day!?


5 — Unlike the wallaby with the baby, this one was kinda tame, and let me get pretty close


6 — Aaaand, finally, spring is definitely on its way…


At last, some more photography. The next time you see this feature, I’ll be in the UK! (Don’t worry; I’ll still be blogging.) Tell me, photographers:  what’s your favourite thing to take pictures of? (Aside from books, of course.)

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16 thoughts on “Friday Photography (19)

  1. I’m with thewritinghufflepuff – very NOT Australian in my assumption it’s a kangaroo hahaha. Great pics, it’s always lovely to see other parts of the world through photos. :)

  2. AHHH THESE ARE SO FABULOUS. I love the one with the joey. :’) We have wallabies EVERYWHERE atm, which is great and good, except my dog goes berzerk over them and then starts hopping on his hind legs so, idek, I think my dog wants to be a wallaby? Who am I to crush his dreams? I support my pet’s dreams. *nods* (But I don’t let him chase them, which is like his #1 goal in life.) AHEM. I can’t wait for UK photos! :D

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