UK, Day 1: Planes, Museums, and Beautiful Weather


After so, so, so long of wanting to travel to the United Kingdom, I’m finally here… and very, very tired. Twenty-three or so hour flights are not fun believe it or not.* And, technically, while I’ve titled this post the first day in the UK, it was actually our second day — or our first full day. I literally went to bed at around 5 PM** the day we arrived, and did not wake until the next morning.

First impressions of London:

  • What? Where is all this cold/rainy weather I was promised?
  • Diverse. Multi-cultural. Alive.
  • Gorgeous, gorgeous architecture.
  • Expensive.

*I really, REALLY do not like planes. Can I swim back to Australia instead of flying? PLEASE?

**FACT: This is about 2 AM in Australia.

Movies watched on the plane:

  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. I was surprised as to how much I liked this one. It does the book enough justice, and well-acted I thought.
  • Pitch Perfect 2. I should point out: I have not watched the first. So… maybe that affected how much I liked it? Or perhaps I’ve never much been partial to comedies (or acapella, for that matter) in the first place. So yeah. Not my cup of tea.
  • Jupiter Ascending: I… I really just do not know where to begin with this one. I wasn’t sure which was more painful: the 24 hour flight, or this two-hour movie. Hard choice*.

*No, really. It was that bad.

British Museum:

This is a place you could literally spend days in. There is just. So. Much. To. See. Anything historical you could possibly think of, it’s probably at the British Museum, and trust me, even if you’re not really into history you’ll find yourself being sucked in. Although you’ll probably concede defeat when your feet begin to ache like HELL. The contents aside, I thought the museum itself was a gorgeously designed building. Case en pointe:

Yep! This is the picture used in the graphic above.

Yep! This is the picture used in the graphic above.


Roof Details.

Roman/Greek-ish (I always forget which one... who copied who!?) columns.

Roman/Greek-ish (I always forget which one… who copied who!?) columns.

The actual insides of the museums were also very, very beautiful — high-ceilinged, glass, with interlocking triangles, and spacious. We were lucky. Despite the crowds swarming about, it definitely wasn’t as crowded as it would have been during weekends or school holidays.

Each section of the museum was dedicated to certain cultures and time periods, and gosh, there was always something more to explore — room after room after room. Glass cases filled with historical artefacts. Statues. Frescos. Old weaponry, armor, books. Most of them preserved stunningly (and a couple, aka the Rosetta Stone, replicas.)

As a lot of the artefacts were protected by glass it was difficult to catch decent photos*, but here were some of my best/most interesting from the museum. (There are quite a few photos, so I made them purposefully small so they would hopefully load quicker; by clicking on them, you can enlarge them.)

*I, um, took 596 photos at the museum. And that was, just fyi, with me restraining myself.


So, as you can see, there was just SO MUCH to see at the British Museum — and not enough time to see it all. (This is literally only a FRACTION of the photos I took!) But, in the end, let’s face it: there’s only so much you can walk around before your feet start to ache, and you’re pretty much begging to sit down for a moment.

The museum took up the majority of the first day in London, and the rest of it was spent wandering the streets (and consequently getting lost, lost, and decidedly more lost), before heading off to dinner with relatives.

Next up? The Tower of London!

Have any of you been to the UK — what did you think of it? If not, is there anything in particular you’re dying to see?

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15 thoughts on “UK, Day 1: Planes, Museums, and Beautiful Weather

  1. AHHHHH THOSE PHOTOS. THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL <3 I didn't get to this Museum when I'm over there but I'm living vicariously through these photos ;) Can't wait to see more! And I'm glad you've had good weather so far.

    Also, yes, Jupiter Ascending IS that bad.

  2. I loved the Egyptian section of the British Museum the best. They do have some wonderful museums and galleries such as The Tate, Victoria & Albert etc if you’re interested. I loved all the beautiful parks and also a trip on the London Eye gives you a fantastic perspective of London on a good day. So glad you’re enjoying it xx

  3. Gorgeous photos in this post! I’ve nver been to the UK, but I definitely want to. (Largely because of the museum. I love ancient history.) And if you think you’re bad with all the photos, I came home from Costa Rica with 3000 pictures on my camera. (Probably a quarter of those were of hummingbirds.) I seriously doubt I’d make it out of the British Museum with less than five or six hundred.

    • Thanks! Oohh, if you like history, ancient history in particular, then you’d LOVE the museum. But not only the museum but the whole city in general seems to have a lot of history behind it. Haha! Currently, I’m up to 1361 photos… and I’m not even out of London yet. But GOSH. Everything in the museum was just so photogenic.

  4. Aah wow, these photos look so awesome! There’s just so much to see in the British Museum. >.< I mean, I live here and I've…barely seen any of it. Oops. And I SWEAR, it doesn't rain all the time in London, despite what people might say. I'm so glad you're having a good time! :)

  5. Awesome photos and recap Kara! I’ve always wondered to London and go to the British Museum – I love history and England is so rich with it. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see more :)

  6. AHHHHH I WANT TO GO TO THE BRITISH MUSEUM SO SO BADLY. Those pictures. *dies of longing* And also I think you were very restrained with only 569 photos. You definitely did good. for sure. ;)
    And my sister has been after me to watch Jupiter Ascending and now I’m 10000% scared. XD D: It sounds so bad!! hha

  7. YEsss I went on an 18 hour flight I think to America and man, that was such a long flight! Sounds like you watched some pretty meh movies overall. Love your quick recap of the UK and the British Museum! looking forward to following your trip :)

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