UK, Day 2: Bridges, Towers, and Bloody Histories


Read Day 1 here!

I’m DREADFULLY behind on these recaps. I know, I know. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in our apartments in the Highlands, asking myself why I decided to embark on writing a blog post for every day. Yet I’ve already set my mind to the task, so I’m going to finish it. (See, sometimes stubbornness can be a good thing.) Day two — technically day three, but who’s counting? — was the Tower of London.

Just for the record, I literally had NO idea what to expect. Aside from, you know, a tower. We passed over Tower Bridge on the way to the tower, which in hindsight was a wonderful thing to do, because the bridge itself is quite a spectacular construction, and offered some truly wonderful views. Another surprising thing? THE WEATHER WAS GORGEOUS. Where is all this English rainy weather I was promised!?


Tower Bridge.

Bridge details.

Bridge details.


Looking up.

So, as you can see — it’s really quite a lovely bridge, and wow, wasn’t that weather just wonderful!?

We ended up opting for a guided tour for the tower. (Which I recommend if you ever happen to go to the tower.) Just like with the British Museum it was shockingly easy to become wrapped up in the past. And when you think of it, it’s quite INCREDIBLE to realize that you are standing in the same place SO MUCH happened. I won’t recall much of what the tour guide said, or the stories he told — because let’s be frank, I don’t remember much now — but it was definitely a place where pleeeeeeenty of blood was spilled. Our guide was also quite fantastic: humours and obviously passionate about what he did. And I think that made the experience a lot more enjoyable than what it could’ve been.

DSC_0643 DSC_0672 DSC_0705 DSC_0764 DSC_0765 DSC_0773 DSC_0807DSC_0714


I took a TON of photos that day, some of which are above. (And again, just click on them if you want more detail.) No photos were allowed in the chapel and Crown Jewels rooms (for obvious reasons), but they were both quite gorgeous places. The chapel held beautiful wooden pews, and thick marble pillars wrought in almost arch-like shapes. As for the Crown Jewels: honestly, I totally wasn’t expecting to be so enamored by them. The amount of detail that was carved into some of them was astounding. That — and they were gorgeously shiny.

We also stayed long enough to witness the changing of the guards, who seem to rotate every two hours. They stand SO STILL you forget they’re there. But in all seriousness, what happens if one of them has to scratch his nose? Have you ever tried to not scratch an itch!?


Next up? Westminster and St. James/Hyde park! (heads up: this was probably my favourite place so far, just behind Edinburgh.)

Now over to you guys: Ever been to the Tower of London? What did you think? Have you ever seen the changing of the guards? I also believe you have to be INSANELY dedicated and disciplined to be able to stand for as long as those guards so, and so still.

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11 thoughts on “UK, Day 2: Bridges, Towers, and Bloody Histories

  1. We went PAST Tower of London when I was over there, but didn’t tour it – it was more a family holiday in England :D BUT YES, the weather for us was amazing as well, I’m starting to think the stereotype is a complete myth.

  2. Thanks for this post. Once I saw bridges and towers, I had to click to see. I love that Looking Up one of under the Tower Bridge. And I guess you’re lucky to get all the nice weather while there.

  3. Awesome post Kara! England has so much rich history behind it, fascinating stuff. The Tower I’m sure is a great place to visit, and a good guide would definitely make all the difference. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. AHH KARA. I LOVE THIS. Your pictures are absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad you’re having a great vacation. Thanks for sharing this – I feel like I’m going on the trip alongside you! xx

  5. This is absolutely STUNNING. England is the country I want to visit most – London in particular, and this post just proves how beautiful it truly is. What camera did you use for the pictures?

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