UK, Day 3: Gardens, Parks, and Clock Towers


I loved London. I really did. And one of the many places that captured my interest was most definitely Westminster. Everywhere you looked there was something new. A beautifully wrought building. The London Eye. The abbey. The clock tower. Westminster Bridge. The River Thames. As Westminster is the centre of the UK government it’s not surprising it looks steeped in history, but neither was I expecting to enjoy looking at it so much. Everywhere I went the click-click of the camera would follow close behind: there was just SO MUCH to take photos of here. Although, I admit, the lighting often wasn’t great at times. This was the first day since we’d arrived we got a taste of a more English weather — gray, overcast, with light rain.

And call me CRAZY but I love that sort of weather.

Although my camera does not.

We did a lot this day. … And also a lot of walking. From our apartment to the bus stop; to where the bus dropped us off to the Westminster; and then through St. James’ Park, past Buckingham Palace and onto Hyde Park. Aaaaand then back to our accommodation. My feet were metaphorically killing me by that evening. And it was completely worth it.

First photo-worthy attraction was totally the clock tower and surroundings.

DSC_0851 copy

Big Ben and Parliament.


A close up of Big Ben!


The sun FINALLY came out for this photo.


Loved this angle.

A picture of yours truly, with the wind gloriously tugging at my hair. (har. har.)

A picture of yours truly, with the wind gloriously tugging at my hair. (har. har.)

After that it was off to St. James’ Park and Hyde Park. And in all honesty, I preferred St. James Park — despite the fact that it was smaller. But it was also quieter, less people, and a gorgeous walk through the trees. There are SO MANY photos so whittling them down to a couple here was almost literally painful for me. And squirrels! SQUIRRELS. We don’t actually have squirrels in Australia, but gosh, THEY WERE ADORABLE.

I’ve decided that squirrels are my spirt animal. (We both like to hoard food away.)


DSC_0187 DSC_0184 DSC_0060 DSC_0044 DSC_0031DSC_0250

None of us were reaaaaaaallly interested in seeing Buckingham Palace. It’s just a palace, right? But it was directly in our way to reach Hyde Park so we thought, Why not? And, honestly, it’s quite a gorgeous building. The gardens in front alone were stunning. So naturally I took a plethora of photos.

Royal guards doing... something. No idea what, but it looks great.

Royal guards doing… something. No idea what, but it looks great.

DSC_0242DSC_0219 DSC_0225 DSC_0227

Goodbye London, and hello Scotland! Next post will be Edinburgh. The city of gorgeous architecture and… well, it rained a lot our day there. I’ll be mashing up my Edinburgh days into one post to save time.

Now onto you guys: I’m SO JEALOUS you British people have all this quite literally at your doorstep! Look at all the greenery! And non-British people: if you could choose one place in the UK to visit, what would it be?

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11 thoughts on “UK, Day 3: Gardens, Parks, and Clock Towers

  1. You got a picture of blue sky in England?
    Nicely done *applauds*

    I went to England for a family trip way back in…2008? I think…maybe 2009…
    I dunno, it was one of the years where nothing Harry Potter related was happening in July.

    And though I begged and BEGGED to go to Kings Cross, we didn’t go :(
    And then we get home, and a few years later they announce the studio tour of the HP studios…

    *glares at people living in England*


    • Ha ha, I know right!? But, actually, we had STUNNING weather for London. Like, didn’t rain AT ALL. Which was shocking, considering all the things we hear about England being so rainy. I went to Kings Cross actually! But was too lazy to line up for the 9 3/4 so I just took a picture of it from afar >.>

  2. OHHH. This post is making me so sad, because it brings back memories. GOOD ONES. Because gosh. I adore London. Did you not find it great?! And I agree. Squirrels are excellent creatures, except the ones in London seem to have something on me whenever i go within a ten yard radius towards them.

    Ah well. I’m glad you enjoyed your time, and those pictures are excellent. I lived in London for two years, I think. I’M EXCITED FOR PICS OF EDINBURGH. omg.

  3. THE PHOTOS OF THE SQUIRREL(S?) YOU TOOK ARE SO ADORABLE. When I was at Hyde Park I still had a really crappy camera so pretty much all of the photos of the squirrels I took are blurry :( I WILL FOREVER STARE AT YOUR PHOTOS THOUGH. I especially love the third one. SO CUTE.
    Okay I’m done with freaking out about squirrels haha. All your photos are so beautiful as always :D

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