Top Ten Books I’ll Be Reading This Spring


Technically, it’s spring. So I’ve altered the title of this week’s list slightly to fit the fact that I live in the Southern Hemisphere (although technically I’m in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment. huh.), and so, without further ado, here’s what I’ll be devouring:

1. Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs.

These books are WEIRD. Gorgeously weird, might I add, and the description and writing is simply beautiful.

2. Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy.

Sounds SO good. Fresh and boundary-breaking.

3. The Silmarillion by J. R.R. Tolkien.

Currently reading this one as we speak. And loving it. SO in awe of Tolkien’s worldbuilding and storytelling. It’s the sort of book where I’m wondering why I haven’t read it sooner.


4. Stray by Rachael Craw.

LOVED the first one, and have heard stunning things about the sequel.

5. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.

This book was on my tbr the MOMENT I saw the title/cover, and I’m already half in love with it from reading the synopsis.

6. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

Just… how badass does this sound!? Was this book MADE for me or something!? Heists? YES.  Fantasy? YES. Plus, I snagged a copy of it yesterday — I literally had no idea it was out already, although I suspect the UK must be different to the US one.


7. Winter by Marissa Meyer.

This comes out November, right? I’ll be RUSHING to my local bookstore to hold this beautiful book in my hands. All 824 pages of it.

8. Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan.

Looooove the sound of this book. The cover is completely breathtaking, too.

9. Walk On Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson.

Fell in LOVE with Rae Carson’s Girl of Fire and Thorns series… and I’m so curious to see if I’ll love this one just as much.

10. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas.

Simultaneously dying to read this one and trying to make it last.


Linking up this week with The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday. Those are the ten glorious books I’m planning on reading this spring (fall/autumn, for you Northern-Hemisphere people). What books are you YOUR tbr list this season?

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22 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I’ll Be Reading This Spring

  1. I am looking forward to Library of Souls, Winter and Walk on Earth a Stranger.
    I finished Daughter of Deep Silence not too long ago and loved it. I hope you do as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. YAAAAS TO SIX OF CROWS!! That book was insanely good. Daughter of Deep Silence, though… Err. I’m excited to see what you think of it, though.

    I really hope to read Walk on Earth a Stranger, Everything, Everything, Winter (DUH CAPTAIN THORNE) and Queen of Shadows ASAP as well! <3

  3. Omg, how did I not know Six of Crows was about Heists?!? I NEED IT NOW IMMEDIATELY. *hyperventilates* And pfft, spring? What spring. *shivers in 18 degree days* I THINK AUSTRALIA FORGOT TO SPRING.

  4. SPRING, so jealous :) So, of the books on your list that I have read, I LOVED them all! Walk on Earth a Stranger, I just… no words for my love. Dumplin’ was so good. And Everything, Everything was phenomenal! And I want to read so many books on your list too- especially Daughter of Deep Silence and, of course, Six of Crows and Queen of Shadows! GREAT list, hope you love them all!

  5. I can already see that your spring reading will be an epic one. Dumplin’ really was such a great read, something that I wish had already been written during that time of my life when I was so conscious of my weight and was depressed because of my insecurities. Then Six of Crows! That book is so epic like you wouldn’t believe. AND QUEEN OF SHADOWS! I bet by the time you’re done, you’d be twirling around in glee because of the epicness ;)

    Faye at The Social Potato

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