NaNoWriMo Update: Week One

I absolutely ADORE NaNoWriMo, and the first week of the craziness is already over. This time around I’m juggling copyedits for FRAYED (which I am loving—but is seriously making me question everything EVER), and NaNoWriMo, which I was determined to do. Hence, I’m dreadfully behind—and as of Saturday night, I’ve come in at 6,123 words. This time last year I’d already completed my novel (which I wrote in about five days) and this year, I’m taking more time with it. Because a) my main focus is obviously going to be on copyedits—after all you guys will actually being reading this novel soon—and b) I’ve had the flu.

I’ve definitely been having the Can I really finish it? questions floating around in my head this year, but I’ve come to this conclusion: it doesn’t MATTER if I write the 50k or not. It really doesn’t. I’ve wanted to write this novel since mid last year, and I already adore it to bits. (Ask me this again in a week. I’ll probably hate it by then.) My aim for this year was to get something down on paper. I’ve spent most of the year revising FRAYED and I’ve been aching to write something new and fresh. This novel was it.

I know that most of what this novel I’m writing now will be scrapped. I’ve never actually written a book where I draft it and winstonschurchilldon’t COMPLETELY rewrite it, because, as writers, we’re always looking for ways to revise the novel further until we’re happy with it. At the moment I’m still in the adoration stage of writing this novel—and I hope that lasts for a while yet. I like to pitch this current WIP as Beauty and the Beast meets Vasilisa and the Firebird, which are literally two of my favourite fairytales ever, and so far, despite the lack of time (and being sick) I’m having such a blast writing it. It’s magical and romantic and something I’ve wanted to write for such, such a long time, and after thinking about it so much, it feels odd to be actually writing it.

So I’m NOT, at all, going to call this week a writing failure. I’ve dug into FRAYED copyedits. I’ve written a decent portion of a new novel. I’ve realized that it’s completely okay if I don’t finish the intended word target for the month.

So, no. This week has not been a failure. Not at all.

How about you guys? How’s your first week been going?


10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: Week One

  1. You are totally doing a fantastic job!! I don’t even know how you’re managing copy edits, being sick, AND writing.

    I feel you on the being a bit overwhelmed front! I got bombarded with school stuff, and didn’t write for a few days, and am now several thousand behind. I’m starting to feel a bit bleh about my novel now- yikes!- but I’m still trying to push through and knock out this novel. I KNOW I’m going to have to do a complete re-write, but I also know that I need to get the words down on paper. So just focus on getting those thoughts down and I’m sure you’ll hit 50 K in no time. <33

    Hope next week is fantastic for you!!

  2. Eeep, you do what you can! That’s all that matters! Just write, write, write. You got this!

    I am forever behind on my writing, and I’m okay with that. Ha. I did a poor job planning my project, so I’m just going into this NaNo blind as a bat. Even though I’m majorly writing by the seat of my pants, I’m slowly crafting a plot I’m excited about and the development of the events. Slow and steady!

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