FRAYED Cover + Other Writing Updates

When I first saw the cover for FRAYED, I was ecstatic. It. Was. Incredible. Everything I could have wanted for the cover and more. It was then altered—only very slightly—to give it a darker, creepier edge and if possible, I came to love the cover even more. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the WHOLE team at Sourcebooks for what they’ve done for me, and to their design team: WOW. JUST. FREAKING. WOW.

Yesterday afternoon my ARC copies arrived (I freaked when I realized the FedEx guy was for me) and I literally had tears in my eyes as I held them. It was just so surreal to finally, finally be holding something I’d created—something I was proud of creating. That, and they look insanely good in a book format. Even more so, it feels so crazy-good to see my name in print on the cover, because oh my gosh, it’s a real book.

As for links, I don’t believe FRAYED has been put up on GoodReads as of now (but soon, I’m guessing), BUT I have been informed that it is available for preorder (!!!!) on sites such as Amazon, the Book Depository, and Barnes & Noble.


  1. I absolutely ADORE the string-like pattern weaving across the cover. It’s so different to what I’ve previously seen on covers and it looks visually AWESOME. It’s tangled and confused and basically emulates the entire novel brilliantly.
  2. The blue and gritty background fit so well with the theme of the story.
  3. What the model is wearing looks like something I could imagine Ava wearing. Literally spot. On. And, okay, while there isn’t exactly a wheat field featured in the novel, I just love the creepy/alone/haunted look it gives off.
  4. As I’ve mentioned before: FRAYED will indeed be out June this year.

So, basically—that gorgeous cover + my photography hobby means, yep, LOTS of photos.






Another thing I love about the cover is the back: the crumpled paper with Ava’s beginning letter is so eye-catching. The inside design is just as gorgeous—trust me—so expect many, many more photos of FRAYED in the future months.

In other writing-related news, I’ve finally settled on a title for my Beauty and the Beast meets The Firebird epic fantasy: MIDNIGHT QUEEN. And I’m so, so captivated by the title, so fingers crossed it won’t change in the future. But it literally encompasses EVERYTHING I love about the novel: the darkness, the fairytale vibe, and just that liiitttttttle bit of intrigue. To clarify, it’s not really a strict retelling of any of the firebird tales or even Beauty and the Beast—I’ve more taken the idea and bent it to how it fits the story in my crazy, crazy mind. I’m around the halfway point of the first draft and racing toward the end.

My life right now: flailing over my FRAYED ARCs, writing as much as I can before university in February… and trying to survive the Australian summery heat. (Ugh.)

63 thoughts on “FRAYED Cover + Other Writing Updates

  1. The cover looks really amazing! I love the strings as well and I think they did an amazing job. By the way, congrats on getting your story published!!!! That’s so awesome and it’s like dream come true.
    Oh and the title Midnight Queen sounds really good but the idea sounds good as well, so good luck with writing. :)


  3. ASDFGHJKL KARAAAAA THIS IS SO EPIC!!!! I ADORE the cover and yes, those string things = so much love! And it must be super awesome seeing YOUR NAME on the cover–totally fangirling here for you!!! <3 <3 <3 I'm definitely going to request this from the publisher–SO excited for it!!!!

  4. OMG I’M SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!! Every time I see a mention of Frayed here I get all excited and happy all over again! I’m so happy for you, Kara!! *huggles you* You’ve worked so hard to get to this place and I’m unbelievably proud of you! :’) Cannot WAIT till Frayed comes out and I can buy a hundred copies and make everyone read them! ;)

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  6. Whoa, the cover for Frayed is gorgeous. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to hold your own book in your hands, but I know it must feel absolutely amazing. Congratulations once again, Kara! You totally deserve it! Especially after writing a total of one million words (I remember reading that blog post very vividly for some reason).

  7. I absolutely love the cover of Frayed, it is so gorgeous. This is so exciting! Holding a copy in your hands must be the best feeling in the world. I can’t wait to get my own hands on a copy. It’s such a great price on Book Depository, too bad we have to wait so long for it to come out though! June feels forever away. Congratulations.

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