MIDNIGHT QUEEN Teaser & an Update

Sooo yes, I’m completely aware that my blogging updates have been sketchy lately, BUT there are a few reasons for that:

  1. University has started! Which is definitely new and exciting (and terrifying) for me, and I want the time to adjust after a gap year. Right now I’m studying an introductory astronomy unit and Egyptian Archaeology (!!!), both of which I’m reallllyyyyy liking so far.
  2. I finished drafting a novel! (see below.)
  3. I’ve finished up FRAYED pass pages… and I’ll admit it was really, really hard to let it go.
  4. I’m working on revisions for THE EMPIRE OF STARS. (YA high fantasy­—another fairy-tale based novel.)


My first big news: I finished MIDNIGHT QUEEN!! I absolutely love, love this novel—if you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s my Beauty and the Beast meets The Firebird epic fantasy—and there’s part of me that is absolutely itching to revise it. I’m a terrible perfectionist and having a rough draft drives me a little insane, but at the same time putting it aside for awhile gives me a chance to work on other WIPs that are dyyyinnnngggg to be written (and, well, revised.) That, and I’m beginning to sort through my ideas for sequels. At the moment, I have ideas for two or so books, but you literally never know with me. Ideas grow and flesh out as I write the novels, so there might be more or even less than I’d originally planned. But for now, here’s a teaser: the first paragraph of chapter one!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.25.56 PM

In other MIDNIGHT QUEEN news I thought I would share another song I listened to (literally on repeat, guys.) Later on, I do plan on uploading a MIDNIGHT QUEEN playlist as well as one for FRAYED. As I literally cannot write without music, it fuels so many different aspects of my novels—from characters to scenes to a single sentence.

And the other day I sent in my FRAYED pass pages with last-minute changes which is crazy-terrifying, and yes, exciting—FRAYED galleys will be sent out soon. Sometime this month, I think. So if you’re on Netgalley and are interested in the novel, keep an eye out! And yeah, it was hard sending in that final-final-FINAL pdf off. I’ll totally admit that. I absolutely love seeing my novel in book-format with the fonts, the spacing, the copyright page. And I don’t think that’s a feeling that would ever go away, regardless of how many books you’ve published. But in a way it’s a little sad: I’ve worked on this novel for four years and now… it’s done. Gone. I can’t change anything else. Definitely a bittersweet moment!

So, a fairly brief update from me today. I plan on focusing more on university studies and my current WIPs, aaaaaaaand maybe get to get into a more regular blogging pattern.

My life right now: university, WIPs, and counting down the days to FRAYED.

(95 DAYS!!)


28 thoughts on “MIDNIGHT QUEEN Teaser & an Update

  1. Congrats! So many things seem to be going your way lately. Yay for you! Midnight Queen sounds incredible, absolutely. And I cannot wait for Frayed to be available to us.

  2. AHH CONGRATS ON FINISHING THOSE FINAL EDITS!! *shrieks and flails* I can imagine it’d be terrifying sending it off for the last time…buuuut, sooner that we get to read it. ;) I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED. And omg I love the title of The Midnight Queen. <3 And that snippet has me 1000% intrigued.
    Good luck with settling into uni!! I hope it stays fun and doesn't get too overwhelming?! :P

  3. What’s introductory astronomy?? Sounds magical, but I bet it’s sciency.
    My life right now is also uni and WIP. And waiting for Half Lost and The Raven King to come out. ;)

  4. AHHH OMG SO EXCITING KARA :D :D :D CAN’T WAIT TO READ FRAYED. And omg, astronomy and Egyptian stuff sounds amazing. I start uni soon and I”m definitely terrified/excited as well.

    YAY for Midnight Queen. You know where I am whenever you’re ready for it to be read :D :D

  5. The Midnight Queen sounds AMAZING. A Beauty and the Beast/Firebird crossover? Sign me up! Good luck with uni. Both of those subjects sound so interesting. And congratulations on sending your final changes in. That must be simultaneously awesome and scary!

  6. All such exciting things going on!!! Yay for university and classes you are enjoying. So great that you finished your draft of Midnight Queen. It sounds so amazing. And I will totally be keeping my eye out on Netgalley for the Frayed ARC! I am so excited for it!

  7. How exciting that the final edits are done and dusted! I’m so, so excited for your Kara, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Frayed. AND OMG, MIDNIGHT QUEEN sounds glorious and I want to read it now!! I love Egyptian history, sounds like a wonderful course I hope you enjoy it lovely. xx

  8. Sending you ALL the takeout for sending in those final pass pages! I’m thinking of joining Netgalley and Frayed might just prompt me to take that last step ;P And okay, can I just say how ON-POINT the title of MIDNIGHT QUEEN is? And also THE EMPIRE OF STARS?

    And ooh, Egyptian archaeology must be fun! Enjoy university!!

  9. I am glad you’re enjoying both directions you’re studying, but it always takes some adjusting to uni after a vacation and I can imagine that’s even worse after a gap year. Congrats on finishing your draft for Midnight Queen, that must be so exciting to finish a draft of a book. I hope you’ll have a great week!

  10. How exciting and nerve-wracking that your book will be available to reviewers! But seriously, you should be super proud!
    And The Midnight Queen sounds fantastic. I’m already very intrigued by that snippet you shared.
    Good luck with your writing and of course, uni! :)

  11. YAYY FOR PASS PAGES FOR FRAYED! *eagerly anticipates the galley*

    Good luck at university though! Egyptian Archaeology sounds like SUCH a fun class. Also I just found out what Midnight Queen about and YESSS?!!?!? I’m SUCH a sucker for Beauty and the Beast retellings. IT SOUNDS SO GOOD ALREADY.

  12. What are pass pages? I’m so excited for Frayed!

    Midnight Queen sounds delicious! I have a vivid image of a kick ass heroine and so much bad assery now. And Frayed will be the book that kickstarted your stunning writing career! We’ll be lining up at book signings, calling out KARA KARA, REMEMBER ME? And you’ll smile and say, of course I do, what was your name again :D :D

    The Astronomy unit sounds incredible! The hubster is into astronomy too and now wanting to try astrophotography. Being a photographer too, would you know about which camera and lenses to use? Maybe when life slows down a bit for you, give us a shout <3

    • Pass pages are the last chance an author has to look over their work, fix errors, tweak things, etc. So it was very hard for me to let go, haha!! HA HA. Kelly, I literally don’t think I could EVER forget you. You’re amazing. <3

      So far, I absolutely LOVE astronomy. There's so much OUT THERE we don't know of, and I find that super inspiring. Honestly I don't know a whole lot about astrophotography (although this is something I would love to try one day), but I would say you'd need at least at DSLR camera. If you want really good quality shots I'd imagine you'd need a longer lens, and maybe even a tripod.

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