Some BIG Blog Changes + What I’m Currently Working On


I’m writing this literally moments after I’ve finished drafting my most recent WIP, THE FLAMES ARE LEGION. (I’m on a total roll with writing now…and I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages.) So, so sorry for taking forever to get another blog post up; I realize my last post was literally in freaking October. It’s a bit of a struggle to balance life and writing and everything is just so wild around the holiday/Christmas period, and I’ve been writing heaps lately.

This year has been a strange/exciting/wonderful one for me. My first book is out in the world, and that’s a crazy-exciting this to happen, and especially to someone who’d been dreaming about having a book on the shelves for so many years now. I’m so incredibly grateful to my publisher for taking a chance on me, and every reader, blogger, and bookseller who’ve helped my debut get out into the world—from Australia to the US, and even Singapore and Mumbai! So, thank you. I’m insanely, insanely grateful to everyone out there—seriously. My debut aside, I’m currently working on 392748563 WIPs (only a slight exaggeration, I promise), so I thought it would be fun to give you a run-down on what I’m working on, and, hopefully, things you might see on the shelves one day.

So, basically, since I’ve finished my debut, I’ve been working on several work-in-progresses: THE FLAMES ARE LEGION, a trilogy inspired by Norse mythology, about a white-haired wyvern-tamer in a fight against a tyrannical witch-queen; MIDNIGHT QUEEN, a two-book romantic fantasy series that melds Beauty and the Beast/Hades and Persephone with the Russian myth of the Firebird and traditional Celtic mythology; THE EMPIRE OF STARS, a high fantasy wrought from a lesser-known fairy-tale called the Maiden with the Rose on her Forehead and the classic tale of good against evil; and THIS STORM RISING, a four-book space opera set in a cutthroat galaxy.

I’ve just finished the first draft for THE FLAMES ARE LEGION…and I totally love it. There is so much myth in Norse mythology to work with, and it’s super-super-super fun to blend it together in one novel—from the concept of Muspellheim right down to dark elves. And I adore my white-haired, dagger-wielding wyvern-tamer to bits, and I cannot waittttt until I get started on revisions. In the meantime, as I wait for some feedback on THIS STORM RISING, I plan on working through THE EMPIRE OF STARS once more, and after that… Well, I’ll wait and see.

On another note, I haven’t been reading this year as much as I have previous ones what with my debut coming out, but the books I have read were utterly excellent.

SAGA by Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples

Gosh, I love these graphic novels. They’re incredible and they’ve torn my hearts to bits, and I seriously regret binge-reading them all…because now I have to wait what feels like forever for the next in the series. Completely bizarre in the best way possible, it has excellent writing and awesome illustrations.

DARK LOVER by JR Ward (…and, let’s face it, the entire series)

These books are completely binge readable. If you’re a fan of steamy romances, the paranormal, and witty/hilarious dialogue, then you’ll LOVE these books.

TRUTHWITCH by Susan Dennard

Oh, what can I say about this book that hasn’t already been said by literally every other reader out there!? It’s a book of friendship and love…and of course witches and magic. And on top of that, it’s SO well-written that you’ll hardly notice you’re turning the pages until you reach the end. I’m insanely excited for WINDWITCH (because Merik!), and I just love those stunning covers.


Again, I feel like there’s nothing I could say that hasn’t been said better by everyone else, but gosh, these books… Lush, romantic, and diverse, with writing that will set your soul alight, I seriously cannot recommend these books enough. Not to mention the meticulously crafted and well-written world-building that is so, so alive. And let’s not forget Renée Ahdieh’s forthcoming book THE FLAME IN THE MIST which I would actually sell my soul to get an ARC of. Seriously.

Books aside, I wanted to talk about 2017 (and can you believe it’s the New Year ALREADY?), because there’ll be some changes—big ones—coming to my blog. Main thing is that I’ll be completely discounting this blog; it’ll still be up here, as the URL printed on the back of FRAYED and I want new readers to be able to find my blog, but the thing is this. I’m turning twenty (!!!!!) this year. So I won’t technically be a teen anymore, which renders the name of my blog kinda pointless (before you suggest, I can’t just change the title/URL for reasons above), so I came to the somewhat disheartening conclusion that I’ll start again.


Which is kind of terrifying because I’ve built up a readership here.

And that leads me to my next point—I’d LOVE to start a newsletter. Probably not this year, or maybe even the next, but it’s something I know for sure that I’ll be doing in the future. It’s much easier than maintaining a blog—I would probably update once a month or so, maybe more. Anyway—let me know what you think of that idea!

For now, I’ll leave you with my new blog URL. It’s still only bare-bones, but I’ll have it up and running (with actual posts) soon enough. Feel free to spread the word & the link!

Thank you all for an incredible year!!


6 thoughts on “Some BIG Blog Changes + What I’m Currently Working On

  1. oh oh congrats on a new blog!!! I SHALL GO STALK IT AFTER THIS COMMENT. (I mean, erm, follow…not stalk like a crazy person. haha. I’m not a crazy person. *laughs nervously*) Also your books all sound amazing and I am 1000% here for Dark Elves.😍
    (I also am a wild fan of Renee Ahdieh and NEED the Mulan retelling in my hands asap.)

  2. Yay can’t wait to see your new blog Kara! It must be so exciting to have all those new works to get into. There aren’t a lot of novels about Norse mythology so that should be really fascinating. Plus This Storm Rising sounds AMAZING. Best wishes for 2017 :)

    • Thanks, Eugenia! YES, I’m SO excited to work on everything–fingers crossed I’ll get to share them with the world, too. <3 <3 Ahh, THIS STORM RISING definitely has a special place in my heart… I mean, they ALL do, but drafting TSR was a world of fun.

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