My 19th Birthday! And a Preorder Giveaway for FRAYED (INT)

So, I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile. But now that FRAYED is up on retail sites, Goodreads, and if you’re a reviewer you can even request it on Netgalley, it seems like a good time. (note: I don’t actually know whether Sourcebooks will accept Australian reviewers as they only have limited galleys to give away… but give it a chance! And if you are Australian and do manage to let an ARC from Netgalley, let me know. I’m curious!)

Also, to the people who have already preordered and/or requested on Netgalley, YOU ROCK, and I love you infinitely. 😘

Anddddd it’s my 19th birthday!! (I’m nineteen, guysWhere does all the time go!?)


And if you’re wondering, that cake was freaking delicious. Chocolate upon chocolate upon even more chocolate. I mean . . . what else do you even need for a birthday? We had to compromise with those candles. We didn’t have a one, so the single candle had to suffice, haha.  I’m pretty sure I ate 1000% too much of it, but it was worth it.

In other news, the 8th of March was International Woman’s Day, and over the course of the evening on Twitter I mentioned some of my favourite female YA book characters. (I also realized I completely forgot to mention the wonderful Hermione Granger. Literally one of the BEST fantasy heroines ever. Smart, brave, loyal.)


DSC_0217Interestingly, while I love badass, strong characters, I never really pictured Ava Hale (my main character in FRAYED) to be one of them. She’s scared and vulnerable, and suffering from the loss of her sister, and I think that is what makes her strong in her own way. She’s been hurt but she just keeps going. Then again “strong” is a relative term, and not everyone can be completely kick-ass. Ava was such a hard character to write, ironically, considering she’s a little bit like me. I’m much more comfortable writing female characters that are confident and ones that can literally kick some ass. FRAYED, in general, was a challenge to write, but I can’t wait for you guys to read it!!

My preorder giveaway for FRAYED is internationalas long as the Book Depository ships to your country. Winner will be emailed once I’ve (randomly) drawn it! You have 34 days to enter, ending at Sydney time.

ENTER HERE (because WordPress doesn’t integrate Rafflecopter well, ugh): a Rafflecopter giveaway

45 thoughts on “My 19th Birthday! And a Preorder Giveaway for FRAYED (INT)

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Let me start out by saying that the fact that you’ve written and published a novel is so inspiring. I’m nineteen as well and watching you go through this process has been such encouragement for me. Writing a published novel has been my dream ever since I was young, and you’re living proof that it can be accomplished by young people! :)

    P.S. To answer Rafflecopter’s question… some of my favorite female characters are Hermione, Taylor (Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta), and Jane Eyre.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I’m so used to being late with congratulating people that I actually wrote belated birthday haha, but I’m on time today!) That cake looks delicious, even though I don’t like cake. Completely agree with you on Marissa Meyer’s female characters and Celaena, and of course Hermione. I’ll add Ginny, Luna, McGonagall, Mrs Weasley, Tonks and Penelope from Carry On (and I could continue for a while but I’m lazy haha) Ava sounds like a strong character and I can’t wait to meet her :)

  3. Happy birthday, dear!! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you on Twitter, and I only recently linked you to your blog which I’ve been reading for awhile now! Oh wow, am I a fool? xD

    Anyway, I hope you have a lovely birthday, and congrats on your book!! June is coming up!! :D

  4. Happy birthday!!! That cake looks so yummy! I will definitely be entering your giveaway, I’m really wanting to read Frayed!

  5. GUESS WHO GOT APPROVED FOR THE NETGALLEY COPY OF FRAYED. *shrieks* I’m so so excited to read it, Kara!! ;D Although I will probably be buying it once it’s out too because SUPPORTING BLOGGER WRITERS HUZZAH! Also: *throws birthday confetti at you* Oh you old old bean you. ;) Also that cake looks divine. I take it there are no leftovers? ;D

    I really love reading the tough kick-butt female heroines too! But I have a really soft spot for the whimsical ones?! Like Luna Lovegood or Winter or Violet from All the Bright Places. <3 They are still strong, but in different ways. *nods* I think "strong" so easily is assumed to mean punching-someone-in-the-face but it definitely doesn't have to. (I cannot WAIT to meet Ava. <3)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I’m almost as old as you…just need to catch up now. But omg one year left of being a teenager, how scary.

    OH and I’m not entering your giveaway because I fully intend to pre-order my own copy. Like, eventually. Whenever my car decides to not be a piece of shit and keep costing me money :’)

  7. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KARA! I kind of considered requesting FRAYED for SOOOOOO long but then I’m not sure I’d be able to review it and things so I shall merely say congratulations on this wonderful, wonderful step into the publishing world. You deserve it 900%. <3 <3

    PS: That cake looks GORGEOUS.

  8. As I’m currently re-reading Gallagher Girl series…my fave for now would be Cammie cos’ I wanna be a spy and she’s good at it so it would definitely her. :)

    Btw…Happy Belated Birthday, Kara! God Bles you always. And stay gorgeous.

  9. What a coincidence! I just turned 19 today – it’s true what they say, all the best people are born in March ;) Anyway, happy birthday! Hope you had an amazing, bookish day and I hope you spoiled yourself just as much as you have us with this giveaway!

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  11. I requested FRAYED on Netgalley so hard I think my mouse almost broke and i haven’t heard back yet BUT AHHHHH IT’S JUST SO EXCITING IT’S NOW UP THERE OMGGGG. *throws confetti and dances* And if I get declined I’ll just have to run out and buy it on the day it comes out! ;) STILL VERYVERYVERY EXCITED AND ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY AS WELL BECAUSE TURNING 19 IS AWESOME ALBEIT A LITTLE SCARY. *gives you all the cake* (I’m turning 17 in May and I’m freak. ing. out. MAJORLY. *bites nails*)

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had an amazing day!! That cake looks DELICIOUS (serious food porn), and I’m so jealous I didn’t get any. Did you make it yourself? Happy International Women’s Day, too! I loved Celaena, she was so badass :D

    Denise | The Bibliolater

  13. Happy birthday! And that’s exciting your book is up on netgalley. That cake looks delicious! I am glad to hear it tasted as good as it looks. And going while your hurting is another form of being strong. Although I always have a bit of trouble with the term as I value real characters more than strong ones. And indeed strong is such a subjective term and open for interpretation. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. KARAAAAAAAA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY SWEET! <3 Gah, I've missed you. And am terribly disappointed that you did not share your cake with me. T_T ANYWAY, moping over chocolate aside, I may have had a mini heart attack when I saw Frayed up on NG–and then immediately proceeded to download it after squealing over the realization that I'm auto-approved by Sourcebooks. <3 I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND DDASDSAIDASODAS!!! Phew. Finally got that off my chest. XD

  15. Ahhhh Happy belated birthday Kara! Your cake looks absolutely delicious and I’m so glad that Frayed is now out in stores! How super exciting for you, can’t wait for it to be released. My favourite female characters – I recently talked about in a post on HI!

  16. Congratulations on turning nineteen AND for getting published! It must be so exciting that you’re getting your writing out there in the world! I love your twitter thread of female YA characters – I totally agree with you about Cress and Hermione – two very different personalities but strong in their own rights.

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