What I’ve Been Up to Lately, Some More FRAYED Music, and FRAYED reaches Australia!!!

Before I dive into this post, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s bought/reviewed/read FRAYED. And a special shoutout to all the incredible booksellers out there—you guys do an amazing job and don’t get half the credit you deserve!

FRAYED was due out in Australia in September, but it’s already started appearing in bookstores (which, oh my GOSH, is an experience I can’t really describe); but if you can’t find a copy, wait a bit, as it’s still to come in some places. (For Aussies, Big W have ordered copies so if you live in an area that doesn’t have bookstores, there’s still a chance you can buy it there sometime in September.)

Like I mentioned above, it was SO incredibly surreal to see MY BOOK sitting on AN ACTUAL bookshelf. Wow. It’s a feeling that is really, really hard to describe. It’s a culmination of so many years writing, of so many years wanting this. I’m so incredibly proud of what I’ve created—and even more excited to see what the writing future will hold for me. So, without any more rambling . . .



Me literally signing the first copy of FRAYED for a bookstore. Eeeeeeeee!!

Seeing it on the New Release shelves was such, such a thrill!!!


And—only one more picture of FRAYED, I promise—this was the utterly beautiful display the lovely staff at Dymocks Sydney have in their store. They’re now signed, so if you’re looking for a signed copy, there are a few there.


So, I know it’s been so, so, so long since I’ve blogged (over a month, I think?) but right now I’ve been busy with some self-revisions for my current WIP (um, one of many, many  WIPs I’m currently working on) which is literally about a notorious thief who gets in a bit above her head in, you know, a galactic war. Sci fi is one of my favourite genres (Star Wars being one of my utter FAVORITE films, and sits verrrrry closely behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy) and it’s incredibly fun diving into an entire galaxy and literally creating whole new worlds. Right now it’s an intended trilogy of three… but who knows! I can SO see this story expanding across many more books.

Sora (my protagonist) has a long, difficult journey to tell.

In other news, we’ve had some gloriously spring-like days where I live (although, as I write this, it has been raining for the past few days) which is wonderful for my photography. I can’t wait to do some more spring photography, too, and as the weather warms up and the flowers begin blooming, I know there’ll be so many more opportunities for some photography.  Here are two snaps I’ve taken recently.

As promised above, I thought I would share some more of the music I listened to when writing/revising FRAYED, and a bit of detail on when I listened to them & how they relate to certain scenes. I’m a very music-orinatted writer. If I’m writing, I’m listening to music. If I’m editing or revising, then I’m also listening to music. It’s more than background for me—music literally inspires whole scenes and characters.

I literally listened to “Dreamland” on a loop when I wrote/revised the last few chapters. For me, they just encapsulated the sadness, the grief, and that little bit of hope at the end. I think, honestly, those chapters were the toughest for me to write. Because they have such an emotional impact on the characters (and me too, as the writer) “Dreamland” just fit those chapters perfectly.

There isn’t a specific scene attached to this one, but oh my gosh, there was something so creepy/haunting/mysterious about this song the INSTANTLY reminded me of FRAYED.

And lastly…

This song is basically everything I imagined Ava Hale to be: fragile, vulnerable—and just lost. She’s alone in the world without her sister, and she has to find a way to live with everything that happens throughout the novel, and “Breathe Me” reminds me so much of not just who she is… but who she becomes throughout the novel. Because sometimes it’s okay to be weak and afraid and lost—and there’s nothing ever, ever wrong with that.

I could talk about all the songs that inspired FRAYED forever, but for the sake of my current WIP (current round of edits are allllmooossssttt done!), I won’t.

Until next time!

12 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up to Lately, Some More FRAYED Music, and FRAYED reaches Australia!!!

  1. A huge congrats on all you’ve achieved Kara! It’s so exciting that a blogger in our community like yourself has done something like this – it must be amazing to see your book in stores. All the best for your next novels in the works, I look forward to reading them :)

  2. It must feel so exciting and surreal to have your book in the stores Kara! I’ve been following your journey for a while and I’m so completely and utterly proud of you, I know I’ve told you this already! Gorgeous flowery photos as well, that bokeh is perfect!

  3. THIS IS SO EXCITING I LOVE IT!!! I’m so happy for you, Kara!! It would just be beyond amazing to see your book in a store!! AND IT’S SO PRETTY, SQUEEEE. *flails for you* Congrats a gazillion times!

    Also Sia’s music is always pure perfection. <3

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